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Our art students have worked tirelessly on it during spring semester - it's definately been a team effort! We began collecting plastic bottle caps last year after I saw a recreation of VanGogh's "Starry Night" made out of recycled caps while researching an art education website. Inspired, I wanted to make a mosaic that would capture the idea of the Portal community, allowing all students to personnaly connect with the art piece. Incorporating the project into my lesson plans & connecting the process to visual arts standards, students began by sketching images that came to mind when thinking of Portal - its landscape, crops, buildings, trees, etc. My advanced students made combined drawings of those ideas, then I made a final drawing using their sketches, which was transferred to 3 plywood pieces; we painted each section as a background to help accent the caps. For over three weeks we placed and hot glued bottle caps to complete the 8x12 foot mosaic (many hours were put in - even after school!) & we are all very pleased with the result! The finished mosaic has been installed next to the PMHS gym for the community to enjoy for years to come. Deena Scarborough Art Teacher P-12 Portal Middle & High School
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