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Single payer system

As I fast approach the age of 65 where I'm eligible for medicare,I've been reading up on the positive and negative's of the single payer system in healthcare.

I think the biggest reason that healthcare is in the current shape it's in can be traced to insurer's. Afterall they are in business to make a profit.

We all want and deserve decent healthcare, but it does come with a ...

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Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group Changes

Looking for the Alzheimer's Support group that used to meet at Statesboro First Methodist Church? It now meets at 10:30 am at Pittman Park Methodist Church...still the second Monday of each month. Change in time, change in location, change in facilitator but still a valuable free service of the Alzheimer's Association.
You are not alone with your questions, your concerns and your desire to "do right by your loved one even when they are ...

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Keeping Forgetful Family Member At Home Longer

Did you think that most people with Alzheimer's and other significant memory loss diseases are living in a nursing home or care facility? Statistics from the Alzheimer's Association prove that families and friends provide the great majority of the care needed within their own home as the patient gradually loses the ability to take care of his/her own activities of daily living.
An Alzheimer's Association support group meeting monthly at Statesboro First United Methodist ...

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Meaningful Activities for Memory Impaired Individu

"There are so many things that she can't do safely anymore, I feel like my sister, with memory loss, is bored. Maybe that is why she follows me around and won't give me any personal time! What can I do when she seems anxious, paces the floor, and shadows me?"
When a person develops a degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer's, they gradually lose the abilities they used to participate in hobbies, in housework, in ...

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Motor Problems With Alzheimer's and Parkinsons

Just because you have memory problems that doesn't mean you have Alzheimer's and just because you have Parkinson's it doesn't mean that you will develop Alzheimer's but there is a relationship between the two diseases.
If you think of a brain as a small watermelon, the region sitting directly at the back of the brain, called the cerebellum, is responsible for motor functions such as balance, posture and coordinating movements. (Think of the ...

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