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Meaningful Activities for Memory Impaired Individu

"There are so many things that she can't do safely anymore, I feel like my sister, with memory loss, is bored. Maybe that is why she follows me around and won't give me any personal time! What can I do when she seems anxious, paces the floor, and shadows me?"
When a person develops a degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer's, they gradually lose the abilities they used to participate in hobbies, in housework, in ...

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Motor Problems With Alzheimer's and Parkinsons

Just because you have memory problems that doesn't mean you have Alzheimer's and just because you have Parkinson's it doesn't mean that you will develop Alzheimer's but there is a relationship between the two diseases.
If you think of a brain as a small watermelon, the region sitting directly at the back of the brain, called the cerebellum, is responsible for motor functions such as balance, posture and coordinating movements. (Think of the ...

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Personal Care Issues - Get Over Embarassment

This isn't the way you want to see your mother/father/spouse. You never expected that you would be the one who has to help your incapacitated mother take a shower or help your dad put on his underwear. What do you know about buying disposable underwear and bed pads? How do you learn how to make a house safer for a person who is losing their vision or who is in danger of falling? Many family ...

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Alzheimer's Dementia Changes a Spouse

Spending 30 plus years with a person, making plans for the future, considering what car to buy, sharing pleasure and concerns...now you still share a home but you can no longer share a conversation with this person. Now, you find that you must protect him/her from your concerns and questions. You must present a calm demeanor at all times or he/she will sense your indecision and become troubled, agitated and uncooperative.
Find out more ...

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Help Family Understand Alzheimer's Type Dementia

The physician said, "Your loved one is suffering from a progressive neurological disease called Alzheimer's type dementia." This diagnosis is given every day to people in the Coastal Georgia area. What does this mean for the patient and for the people who live with her? Is anyone else in the area dealing with this diagnosis? Is there a cure? So what now?
Alzheimer's dementia is more common than you may think. There are many ...

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