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NAACP wants diversity in schools

The NAACP of Bulloch County wants more diversity in the school system. It doesn’t believe there are enough black teachers or administrators employed in the school system. It believes that only black teachers and administrators can relate to black students. Wasn’t that the argument for segregated all black schools?

I taught at Southeast Bulloch High School from 1991 to 2010. What I observed was that those students who came from a ...

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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Taxes, when would it end.Rich want to raise taxes.What really get to me the money their going to raise is going for education.ill be damn if I'm going to pay taxes on some moron,so he can learn how to read.well when is it going to end,soon they be Taxing income.i don't see them raising taxes on wine for the rich.oh I get it so the working man pays for everything.a few French people and a ...

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Farming it's a job

I told my girl friend that I'm going to start farming out in the open air.working with the land, growing stuff and eating it. I'm going to grow me some Bean's,tomates, potatoes,ham,corn, fish,grapes and those little shrimps and I like a lot of other stuff.all you need for farming is the right tools and a farmer state of mind,and farmers Eddy almanac.lets see what Eddy got to say,plant in the morning,vegetable are boring.well that something ...

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BOE Diversity Plan

BOE Diversity Plan

The "Blind Hiring Process" used by the BOE is the fairest way to hire the best qualified teachers. The BOE uses a Blind Process that deals only with the applicant’s qualifications. Race, nationality, or any other identity language is stripped from the application to insure the applicant receives a fair review. This process zeros in on the person’s qualifications and allows the best qualified to be hired to teach ...

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"If I come upon you would you be ready for the likes of me?
Would you welcome in, me with wings meant to be free
to flutter all about and fly away from your eyes from time to time?

Whispers I hear brought to me from wandering winds, probable illusions
continually capture me to flutter and fly away in my mind
in search of sunken ships within the ...

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