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Disturbance at Red Lobster

It was a protest,i was just excercise my right to civil disobedience.I was telling the female officer,i was just letting the lobsters go free,instead of being stuck in that tank.The officer said that was causeing a disturbance.How would you like to be lower in a cage,drop in boiling water and then drench in butter and layout in a display case.The officer said your place or my.Ha im a animal actives,if i would have rescured a ...

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The Situation in Iraq..on the Ground and Air

For those not keeping track, the military situation in Iraq has gotten very curious indeed on several fronts. Iraqi forces are attempting to retake Tikrit, and are having some success but also are meeting incredibly stiff resistance from ISIS fighters.

Guess what? Planes which were flown out of Iraq into Iran to escape the American invasion, which include French Mirage fighters and Sukhoi ground support aircraft, have begun to make their way ...

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What am I....other than an American?

I am sort of confused. I’m an American. I am also supposed to identify myself as either white, or Caucasian, or Caucasoid. The only problem is my skin is not white, none of my ancestors ever came close to setting foot in the Caucasus Mountains of central Europe, and I don’t like the sound of being called anything that ends in “oid.”

Whenever I’m asked to fill out on some form, I ...

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That all you here these days,talk,talk,talk.Nobody want to listen.It take a magician to get a teenager attention now days. i have two teenager boy and a girl,and they don't want to do nothin. I told my son a job is not going to fall on your lap,you got to go out there and get it,you got to keep on your toes, stay sharp,stop making excuse and you are alway talking all time, can't get a ...

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The Super Bowls of Futbol

Its World Cup time, and I’ve been watching. Why? First of all, although I am not a Soccer fan I played it as a youth. More importantly though, even the first games in the numerous “Group” competitions have been amazing.

I haven’t been able to stop watching! Right now, I’d say this this event is truly the best ever Super Bowl of Futbol! Unlike our Football Super Bowl, however, there are tons ...

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