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Relax People

Some people need to relax,I was walking down the street and I was looking for a chinese restaurant and I ask this oriental couple,were is the nearest chinese restaurant,they had attitude toward me,said a couple words in chinese and walk off.people need to relax,I"m mixes I don"t fly off the handle when somebody ask me were is Taco bell.People are so touches,old people get mad at you when you call them old or Immigrant get ...

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Unemploy Husbands need love to

Slavesing away day in and night.If you women only knew what we do,to keep a marriage alive.Watching sports all day so we have something interesting to talk to you about.working out all day and looking neat to keep you excited.Taking naps to reverse the ageing process.Eating all your cooking, so you think you could cook.And spending all your money so you feel like a good provider.That how we sacrifice for you, it tireing and ...

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Hopeless Homeless

It hard out here for the homeless,no money,no job.People don't care anymore.I went looking for work,i even had a sign it said (must have a job will do anything,position as bridge instructor preferred).I didn't get one response.So I started getting hungry.So i had another sign,it said (I'm starving must have work) maybe this will work.Finally got a response.This man walk up to me and said my dear Sir,how long have you been starving.Mr I ...

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"Winter Is"

"Days too short I wanna snort! I freeze in the days too cold making me feel achy and oh so old and physically sore!
There's not enough time in the light and night comes too soon
with still in each day so much to do!!!
I awake in the dark an' scurry about in ready for each new day that is surely shorter than the last to get home ...

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"Christmas Red"

"Kick off your shoes and take a big swig
'a' some'a this sweet ice tea or how 'bout cut'n a jig!
It's Christmas Eve and all through the house
Everyone's excited so quit acting like a louse!

"GITCHUR RED ON!" Git rid 'a' that LOUSE ON THE COUCH!I do declare.
Put on them reindeer horns and Santa underwear!
Have some fun for a change. Dont be so ...

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