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"A Simple Thank you on Memorial Day"

I buried my father a few years back
Atop his grave is his veterans plague. I have his... American flag.
My grandfather was a veteran of WW11
Both served their country under the Red, White and Blue!
Growing up I'd hear all the hard core stories
filled with the blood and guts, the pain and the glory.
I too am a veteran having done the same
and ...

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Wheres your tax $ going?

Interesting article....http://www.nationalreview.com/article/418055/how-five-republicans-let-congress-keep-its-fraudulent-obamacare-subsidies-brendan

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"A real man or woman gives up a one night stand knowing it will be themself they can't stand the next day."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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One topic sure to bring vehement responses and rhetoric is people on "welfare" - lazy, shiftless no accounts sucking on the government teat with no thought of working or bettering themselves. And you know it's true, you've read those type of comments on this very site.

Volunteering at a non-denominational food pantry I can attest that there are some very, very few who meet this description. We serve them because it is ...

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The Forgotten One who needs our prayers

"Tragic" doesn't seem like a strong enough word to express what happened earlier this week in the Eagle Nation. During our process of coping, let us not forget the truck driver and his family. He is going through a condition known as "survivor's guilt" which can lead to severe depression...or worse. The news media is not focusing on this, which can be somewhat understandable. The driver of the truck could use our prayers just the ...

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