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We're All Somebody

"Do you ever wonder where all the 'nobody's' are that aren't 'somebody? Do you ask yourself, "How are the 'nobody's' I don't know because they aren't ...'somebody?'
We're all 'somebody' and part of a body; the body of Christ. Jesus associated himself with and talked with the lowest of low to hear their words, never underestimating the value of a person."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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Voting is for the Rich

why do we vote is like getting married no matter who you pick it's turn out bad.Unless your rich, they get everything they want.Well fine let them have their birds and their air even their president s.What do they care if a man fixes cars or pick up dog duties in the park.and use his whole pay check to take care of his family.what do they care, the rich are out in their outdoor restaurant ...

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"Sailing the Sea of Life"

"Ravaged to near brokenness, I ride precariously upon the angry undulations of ocean swells with wailing wayward winds amidst Coriolis forces to turn aft and starboard round about in search of my once direction whilst tossed about in my discontent and disillusions.
Not once seen have I in the darkness of night, the beholding beauty of a cascading aurora cast wide upon a night sky in which ...

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Fine Dinning

What is Fine Dining? Is a exclusive restaurant were the rich people eat and drink.So is it wine,food or clientele that attract these people. Maybe it the wine they serve, it has those fancy name Cabernet sauvigon or Merlot.I try it,not impresse ,maybe it the food,yeah that it,let look at the menu.They have (chicken ala pasta) defrosted chicken nuggets sitting on a bed of Luke warm pasta with ketchup sauce or (Hamburger Italy) two all ...

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"A Doey Night"

"A Doey Night"

"Rudolph got lost one wintery day
Yep! Lost he was from Santa's sleigh!
Rudolph had spotted a cute 'lil' doe
and of course it was off to catch her he had to go!

His ears peeled back and nose in the air
with n'er a hoof print in the snow.
Rudolph's red nose was beam'n bright
as he searched; lost ...

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