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Traffic Hazard

Dear unnamed business at the corner of Williams and Stockyard Rds.

Please quit parking your GREEN tractors so close to the road that no one can see oncoming traffic. And while your'e at it, the elections are over, please remove the political signs, they're a hazard also.

Sgt Friday

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"The Becoming of a Loving Heart"

"A 'lil' boy beaten,swore at, kicked with brogan boots from evil's roots and told he wasn't worth anything. Southern born, but from wherever born held always close his brother's hands to overcome life's trials to in manhood, grasp hold of both brothers and sisters in life to offer a smile and some love through his scars in hopes to penetrate their own ."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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Storm Water

City of Statesboro , Utility Department, in recent months , has started charging/billing city customers for storm water. Storm water amount due is listed on residential billing statements , along with your regular monthly water bill, sewer, sanitation, etc. and indicates under billing period from a listed/certain date to a certain/listed date.
However, on commercial property, the yellow page City storm water billing statement does not list from what date to what date the ...

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Health clinic and Rest home

I had to lose some weight.Carrying all this weight was wearing me out.So I had to try out this Health clinic.Rest your care alway what ever you'll got,you'll lose it.I don't believe that,they just trying to make money.I try it anyway.The trainer said you know our program is expensive.who care about expensive.Splendid,Splendid.The first thing we dicuss is your diet.We start by cutting out starches,sugar,protein and carbohyodrates.What do i eat? Vitamin and calorie.your daily work out ...

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Blogger get no respect

A blog is hard to write.You got to know what you are doing.A lot of thinking is involve.It A job.I try to tell lady at the unemployment office.I went down their,and all i hear was next.Occupation: BLOGGER.What!BLOGGER.Like a philosopher.I coalesce the vapor of human experience,into a viable and logical comprehension.Oh! a Bullsh*t artist.Did you bullsh*t last week? No.Did you try to bullsh*t? Yes.Look either you try to bullsh*t next week or were going to change ...

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