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The Spring Breakers


Will someone please enlighten Walkie? He needs to know what Spring Break was like during the days when Annette Funicello was a common household name? The years surrounding Woodstock? The days of Disco music? The magical 80's?

Some news media organizations have recently focused on the current trends in how our younger generation celebrates the birth of spring. They go on to criticize what they do while trying ...

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A is for Arab Exhibit

"A is for Arab: Stereotypes in U.S. Popular Culture" is a travelling exhibit from the Jack G. Shaheen Archive at New York University. This powerful exhibit reveals and critiques the stereotypical portrayals of Arabs and Muslims in U.S. popular culture. Providing historical context about these images which range from film stills to comic books to editorial cartoons, this exhibit aims to educate and stimulate discussion about the impact of stereotypes on both individual perceptions and ...

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County Commission

Soundoff always has people complaining about the quality of the dirt roads they live on and the ineptitude of the county public works in maintaining them. Disregarding the fact that these roads were probably not paved when the complainers moved in, I decided to check it out in my neck of the woods.
Yesterday I took the old Railroad Bed from Buie Driggers into Brooklet (I will admit I have not sampled other ...

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Sometime ago Charles Howell wrote about the futility of expressing a political opinion on Facebook and the vehemence (my word) and name calling (writing?) which spewed forth through the ether.
Being a non-user at the time I empathized but failed to appreciate the exceptionally weakminded, profane individuals populating Facebook (insert copyright symbol, if I knew how).
I now see the light, or should preferably say the darkness. I commented on a ...

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Who does that guy think he is?


Have you seen the guy wearing a coon cap around town? He has been spotted around town at various restaurants, grocery stores, and other establishments. I overheard one woman telling her friends that he is kind of a manly man and was definitely trying to check him out.

Who does he think he is? Who do you think he is?

Doesn't he know that baseball ...

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