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"If I could accomplish in life
one thing I'm meant to do
I would write in people's hearts, all about love
and write off... any wrong or right."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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"There's this fella I know that's been financially struggling over the past 8 years; some of which he's been blest to get through.
After he made a 'go' at a 'lil' cafe, it had to close due largely to not enough customers and was left owing thousands in state taxes which he say's he was blessed to be able to get paid in full after paying for months and months from his piddly ...

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Power in prayer

.im glad to be at a growing city, a caring city opening up a Homeless shelter.My name is a Eddie I'm a straight Christian man I have been praying that this city will open up a shelter and finally happened.Lets pray about a bus or trolleybus now.

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NAACP wants diversity in schools

The NAACP of Bulloch County wants more diversity in the school system. It doesn’t believe there are enough black teachers or administrators employed in the school system. It believes that only black teachers and administrators can relate to black students. Wasn’t that the argument for segregated all black schools?

I taught at Southeast Bulloch High School from 1991 to 2010. What I observed was that those students who came from a ...

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Last comment by mandrake 4 months ago
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Taxes, when would it end.Rich want to raise taxes.What really get to me the money their going to raise is going for education.ill be damn if I'm going to pay taxes on some moron,so he can learn how to read.well when is it going to end,soon they be Taxing income.i don't see them raising taxes on wine for the rich.oh I get it so the working man pays for everything.a few French people and a ...

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