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Moments: June 2013 (Staff Blog)

It’s back to the basics this June! From Father’s Day gift ideas to old-fashioned summer activity ideas and our classy-chic cover mom, this issue of Moments is really about getting in touch with a simpler time. First, we wanted to really celebrate our outstanding dads out there. You will find columns on fatherhood as well as gift ideas for the very special fathers and father figures in your life. Also this month, we have our ...

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Community Bible Study for Preschool/Nursery Ages

The mission of the children's ministry at Community Bible Study, Statesboro Day program (CBS) is to help each child grow and develop physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. While adult parent or guardian is attending the 2 1/2 hour weekly bible study on Wednesday mornings, preschool and nursery age children have their own "Baby CBS" program with age appropriate lessons emphasizing that God made everything that exists and that God wants each child to belong ...

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Another fine example of double standards

How can it be that the Male Youth Pastor who “Molested” some teenage girls gets a proper sentence of 5 years to serve and 10 years probation but the Female Teacher who “Raped” that teen boy gets a suspended sentence and a little time in Jail? I agree with the Pastor’s sentence but this is just another example of hypocrisy!

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Mrs. Jackson

I've read some vile things about this teacher on these blogs recently. I don't know all the details, only what I've read in the papers. But I really don't see what's wrong here. The boy was a minor, yes, but so are 17 year olds who are one day way from becoming 18. The system is messed up. The age of consent is 14 in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and countless number of other countries. ...

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Last comment by wildturkey 2 years, 1 month ago
500 to 600 days - really?

It seems to me that the teacher who molested that boy just got off with a real slap on the wrist. Judge says you get 15 years and then suspends the sentence. What were you thinking? 500 or 600 days in jail is just not enough for this kind of offence. Hell she has already spent much of that in jail awaiting trial. Yes she will be required to have counseling and register as a ...

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Last comment by Mystery 2 years, 1 month ago

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