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This is an article shown on WTOC-tv

If anyone has any phone video of this type of event, be brave enough to step up to the plate and post it on social media

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Navy Coach Coming to GSU?

Navy Head Coach Coming to GSU?
Coach Niumatalolo is rumored to be looking to go to BYU. Why not GSU. Southern should be doing all it can to get this top notch coach. He builds character and discipline and leadership in his players. He runs the traditional Triple Option with the quarterback under the center. He will want to continue this offense where ever he goes. Bring him to the birth place of the ...

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The good old days of Southern football.
I yearn for the good old days of Georgia Southern football. I came to Statesboro in August of 1985, just in time for the first football game that counted in division IAA football for Georgia Southern College. Southern was not known beyond Statesboro. Its players were not recruited by other teams. Erk called them his runts, and many were walk- ons who wanted to play for Southern. ...

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The True Triple Option

The True Triple Option

I am watching the Navy vs. Memphis football game. Memphis is 8-0 on the season and ranked number 13 nationally. Navy is leading in the game 38 to 20, and just recovered a Memphis fumble. I don’t know how many yards rushing that Navy has with seven minutes left in the game, but it has to be close to 400 yards. Navy runs the “True Triple Option” that ...

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White Football Helmets

Just a note about the White Helmets at the New Mexico State game, as a traditionalist that loves the uniform look of Georgia Southern. Georgia Southern is Alabama in blue. Their blue uniforms and blue helmets with numbers on each side are their iconic signature. When you turn on a game and see a Georgia Southern player in uniform, you know its Georgia Southern; you don’t have to be told its Georgia Southern. Let’s keep ...

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