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And to think...

The sports season is still young and anything can happen later on.

However, knowing there are some people around here that think the move to the Sun Belt Conference and the FBS was a bad decision...leaves Walkie speechless.

I'm just not talking football. The other GSU sports teams are doing awesome!

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GSU vs. Georgia Tech football game

Paul Johnson talked about his team and what they would be doing this year in today's paper. Under the title of Five things to watch for when the Yellow Jackets open their season was this: Johnson experimented with the shotgun, including a diamond formation, with his quarterback last season. Johnson said it will be back to basics with his quarterback "under the center". He said he is determined his offense again will be efficient in ...

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The GSU Fritz Option

I just got back from the GSU scrimmage, the first real look at what is to come for Georgia Southern Football. First impression tell a lot about a team.
1. The team looked in great shape, fit, strong and fast.
2. They were disciplined, well organized and focused on playing their best.
3. They were respectful and attentive to their coaches, each other, and the ...

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What is the Triple Option?

What is the Triple Option?

When I came to Statesboro in 1985 to teach at Georgia Southern, I witnessed the greatest brand of football I had ever seen. It was Tracy Ham and the Eagles running the Triple Option. The Eagles ran the Triple Option with the quarterback under the center. Erk and Paul Johnson ran it this way. We marveled at how the team scored more points in the second half ...

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It's a bittersweet Christmas


For many GSU football fans, we are sad to see Coach Monken leave our field of gladiators in favor of coaching another great set of heroes. We wish him well and much success.

We were hoping we could see a great match-up at Bobby Dodd stadium against Paul Johnson. It would have been glorious, no matter the outcome.

As many of you know, like true ...

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