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Farewell to an excellent sports writer.

Farewell to an excellent sports writer.

I will miss Matt Yogus and his sports column in the paper. Matt is an excellent writer that provides honest insight into each of his columns. I have enjoyed reading him and will miss his love for Georgia Southern Football, Baseball, Basketball, and our local high school programs.

Good luck Matt. I know you will do well in your next job because you ...

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GSU vs Navy

I went to the Navy game this Saturday. GSU looked totally flat. Navy on the other hand came to play. Their Quarterback Reynolds single handedly dismantled GSU. He ran for 277 yards and six touchdowns. That is a season for a lot of running backs. What I saw on display was the different styles of the Triple Option. Navy ran their Triple Option the Paul Johnson way, with the quarterback under the center, and GSU ...

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GSU's Uniform Change

I went to the Idaho and saw the change to GSU's uniforms. The Iconic look of GSU's uniforms is something that should not fall victim to the "Who can come up with the flashiest uniform craze" that many teams are now going to. These teams have lost their identity. GSU's uniforms are Alabama in blue. Would Alabama change their uniforms? If they did, would you be able to identify them? Nip this mistake now. Do ...

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And to think...

The sports season is still young and anything can happen later on.

However, knowing there are some people around here that think the move to the Sun Belt Conference and the FBS was a bad decision...leaves Walkie speechless.

I'm just not talking football. The other GSU sports teams are doing awesome!

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GSU vs. Georgia Tech football game

Paul Johnson talked about his team and what they would be doing this year in today's paper. Under the title of Five things to watch for when the Yellow Jackets open their season was this: Johnson experimented with the shotgun, including a diamond formation, with his quarterback last season. Johnson said it will be back to basics with his quarterback "under the center". He said he is determined his offense again will be efficient in ...

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