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Marco Rubio for POTUS

I won't vote for Rubio because of his stance on normalizing relations with Cuba. Allow American tourism, banking, and consumer goods -especially Internet access, smart phones - and agricultural products into Cuba. Leave them alone politically. Cuba will become a valued economic partner and, perhaps a democracy. Failed policies are just that. Failed.

Change that, Marco, and I'll reconsider.

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ISIS Structure

This doesn't really fit in the category of politics. But it doesn't fit very well in any other category. Here is a lengthy (very) but extremely interesting article from Der Spiegel concerning the death of a key architect of ISIS and his designs for accomplishing specific territorial and secular goals and using religion as a recruiting tool. No political view just enlightening.


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The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub
There are thousands of Irish Pubs open for business throughout the United States each day. Why are they open for business? Why was the first Irish Pub started?

The answers to these questions are at the heart of American Freedom. Irish Pubs are open for business because many Irish Americans and others enjoy the food, drink, music and Irish atmosphere that is unique to the Irish Pub. Irish ...

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Hillary erased her email server clean!!

Hillary erased her email server clean!
Congressman Trey Gowdy learned from Hillary Clinton’s lawyer that she erased all of her emails wiping her server clean. She has done far more than President Nixon did in the Watergate affair. She has now destroyed possible evidence involving the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and three other brave Americans murdered in the Benghazi terrorist attack.
Why did she erase them, they are official government documents? What ...

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Hillary Clinton was a young congressional lawyer working for Democrat Senator Fulbright on President Nixon’s Watergate scandal. She wrote the Articles of Impeachment against President Nixon. Nixon was recording his meetings in the White House and when the Watergate break-in took place, Democrats wanted the recorded tapes to prove Nixon’s involvement in the break-in and cover-up that followed.

A fight for the tapes went to the Supreme ...

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