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Death of Antonin Scalia

Death of Antonin Scalia
A great American has passed into our nation’s history. Justice Antonin Scalia was the strongest defender of the Constitution on the Supreme Court. His death should remind all Americans the importance of defending our Constitution that protects all of us,from out of control government power.
The Supreme Court cannot change the Constitution, nor can Congress, or the President. Only the American People thru their elected officials can change the ...

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Obama Visits Mosque

So, Obama goes to a Mosque in Baltimore to talk about tolerance for Muslims. He says nothing about how women are treated at this Mosque. He said nothing about how Muslims and Islam is treating Christians around the world. President Obama called for moral clarity by saying “the best way for us to fight terrorism is to deny these terrorist organizations legitimacy and to show that here in the United States we do not suppress ...

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Sauce for the goose?

Reading Jack's "Notes From the Senate" (which I highly recommend for everyone) for the past week and found an interesting proposed law passed by the Senate.

SB 282- Prohibits financial institutions from refusing to provide credit or services to lawful vendors of firearms and ammunition. (Banking and Financial Institutions Committee)

So, the Legislature, or some portion thereof, wants businesses to be able to refuse services to gay couples so ...

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Obama's Islamic Civil War

Obama has triggered a Civil War in the Islamic World.
Sense the end of WWII our nation’s policy has been strict control on the spread of nuclear bombs around the world. Until Obama, our nation’s policy was to never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb. That policy maintained a military parity between Saudi Arabia (The leader of the Sunni Muslims 80% of the Islamic world) and Iran (The leader of the Shiite Muslims ...

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The facts about the Tenth Amendment

The Facts About the Tenth Amendment.
When the Articles of Confederation proved to be flawed and unmanageable in running the Federal Government, the thirteen States sent delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. They wrote our U.S. Constitution that is the rules by which the Federal Government would have power to govern the Nation. The overriding principle guiding the delegates was limited power for the Federal Government.
The checks and balances that they ...

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