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USA Is Exceptional

Why is the United States of America an Exceptional Nation?

What has made the United States of America an exceptional Nation is found in The Declaration of Independence. From the beginning of our Country’s founding, on July 4, 1776, The United States has been the protector of each individual’s God Given Right to live one’s life in Freedom. Being free to choose our own way in life, to make our own decisions ...

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Should a Muslim be President?

A Practicing Muslim Should never become President!

Dr. Ben Carson stated that a Muslim should not become President of the United States. I fully agree with him, and here is why I believe it. I wrote this several months ago, and share it with you again, to explain my belief that a practicing Muslim should never become our President.

How the West can defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism. ...

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Speculation in the Media

Here's a link to a talk Michael Crichton gave in 2002 about speculation in (not only) the media. It is as relevant today if not more so. As a viewer of Sunday morning news shows such as Meet the Press, I find the quality and information presented of continually eroding quality. Politicians spout talking points. Pundits assess performance of candidates against one another. There is a complete absence of meaningful discussion of serious issues, policy ...

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What's Behind This ?

Everything is going fine at the police department and Wendell Turner is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then the real Wendell starts to come forward when he tries to fire Brunson. Brunson is returned to the department and Forney is Wendell's scapegoat for that action. Now he resigns. When are people going to see him for what he is.

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American Oligarchy

A link to Der Spiegel article about American financing of elections which I found relevant in today's atmosphere.


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