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ISIS on the march is history repeating itself,

ISIS on the march, is history repeating itself.

The history of Islam is what we are witnessing ISIS doing in Iraq. From it’s beginning, Islam has been a very violent religion. Muhammad leads his followers on raids of caravans traveling in the desert beginning in the year 622. He gains more followers and wealth from these raids. He then turns his army of murderers, thieves, thugs, and all the other moral degenerates ...

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Israel and Hamas: Who is in the right?

Hallelujah! Hamas has finally agreed along with Israel to a cease-fire for 72 hours, based on the exact same conditions to stop fighting as the cease-fire they refused to sign off on one month ago. Too bad that Hamas actually rules Gaza and the Gazans have no say in their own affairs!

Now, Israel agreed to several cease-fires over the past month, but Hamas either violated them almost immediately by attacking Israeli ...

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Immigration Dilemma

Immigration Dilemma

Holli Deal described the dilemma we face trying to solve this latest immigration crisis involving children. She offered no solution because it can only be solved by the least of many painful alternatives.

El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala where these children are coming from have been run by (Communist Socialists) sense the 1980’s. Daniel Ortega took over Nicaragua in 1979 and, as a leader of the Sandinistas ...

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Gaza, Hamas, and the Israelis: Is There an Answer?

So, Israel said they started their ground offensive into Gaza to destroy the tunnels Hamas had constructed, largely it seems with the supplies given to the Gazans for constructing public facilities above ground.

Well, to be more precise, since Hamas governs Gaza they were given to the Hamas administration, which then just used them as they and not the Gazan people saw fit.

So, on their side, in order ...

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LA Times is wrong

Kansas over the top on gun rights protection.

The Los Angeles Times editorial, in Wednesday’s, July 16 newspaper, taking issue with the use of the 10th Amendment of our Constitution to protect 2nd Amendment gun rights, is a classic Leftist argument that is false.

The Los Angeles Times stated “The idea is that states have a right under the 10th Amendment to unilaterally reject federal laws on issues not ...

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