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Strawberry Moon

Tonight, June 20, 2016 the solstice and full moon coincide at 6: 34 p.m. The sun going to the northern part of sky and few hours later, the moon will rise ...a rare event because this has not occurred in nearly 70 years. The native Americans named it Strawberry Moon. Thus begins longest day of the year.

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Bullying - a Response to the Article

Today's paper had an article in it about bullying in schools. I read the entire thing as my daughter suffered at the hand of bullies for two years in high school. When I look back on that time I can still see the hurt in her face and the pain in her heart, and she has never forgotten it. To this day, she is very aware of bullying and has no tolerance for it. She ...

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What Matters Most

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, have you ever stopped long enough to really think about what matters most?
I don't usually write blogs of this nature. Usually I share a story I've written or I post an opinion piece about some topic in our community. But God has been taking me in a very different direction for a while now, and recently He really woke me up. So please bear with ...

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Educators - Now Is The Time

If you've been following trends in Education at all recently,(and if you have children, grandchildren or are a community member you ought to be)then you are aware of the new Merit Pay legislation. Sounds boring, right? No one is interested in education... just let them all work it out, right?

For FAR too long the community and it's educators have been silent on this issue. The community doesn't know where to begin ...

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The Past and The Present

As I read the article in todays paper regarding Stone Mountain (Here we go again) and the desire of a Georgia Civil Rights group to place a Freedom Bell atop the mountain, i could not help but feel unsettled. Why did I feel unsettled? Here's why:

We live in the present and not in the past. The past is a great teacher and we ought to never forget the good that has ...

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