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What Does it Take to be a Principal?

Many years ago, I was taught a very valuable lesson by a very successful individual. they taught that you should always train your replacement. I'd never thought about that as a young woman in business. I always thought it was the owner or CEO's job to replace any person who had left a job. However, this new philosophy fascinated me.

At the time, I was in the ballroom dance industry. I was ...

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A Contradiction in Terms?

While reading today's paper, I came across the article on Underground Haven's for heroin users. As I read the article, my heart sank. Why in the world would anyone think creating underground safe havens where heroin addicts can inject themselves would be a good idea?

Let me backstep a little. I have great compassion for those who struggle with addiction. Addiction comes in many forms. I've had family members and friends that ...

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Education and Diversity

After reading the article in Sundays paper on the BOE's debate over diversity, I felt the need to step out into an uncomfortable discussion. Everyone walks around this issue like they're walking on eggshells. I'm going to stick my neck out today and share my experiences and factual findings with you all. Before I begin, I want to state that many of you know I am very involved in our local and state education system. ...

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Just Take Another Medication!

Today I read an article in the Herald titled "Cholesterol drug cuts heart risks". Granted there are times in our lives when we must absolutely use a medication. And there are situations where a medication may be necessary long term for a patient. However, the use (or abuse) of prescription drugs is something we all ought to be paying more attention to in this country.

The article shared information on a new ...

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What the World Needs Now

Do you remember the old song? Some of you were around and many of you probably weren't. The end of that line was "is Love sweet Love".
This past election was a rough one. One of the roughest I've ever seen in my lifetime. Some of you may know I was not a fan of any of the candidates. It was a very hard decision this time around. I've watched government become more and ...

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