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Reading, Writing, and Politics

As we approach the upcoming election, there are many thoughts swirling through people's minds. Some are trying to figure out exactly what each candidate stands for. (Good for you for doing your homework!!!) Some are merely going to cast their vote for a party or for the rhetoric they have been fed by others. And some don't even know what the election is about or that there is one.

Each person's vote ...

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Education - Are You Paying Attention?

I haven't posted in a while, but a lot has been on my mind lately. Some of you know that I advocate for quality education locally and at the state level. I have been more and more disturbed by what is going on in both arenas.
Locally, we are blessed to have many teachers of excellence. My concern is this: How long will they stay here when they are being treated like people without ...

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Last comment by Bryant 1 month, 4 weeks ago
Education - The Silent Vein of Destruction

My title for this blog may sound a bit dramatic. But I don't really think it is. Many years ago, a science teacher I had in 5th grade gave us a great analogy. He said if you heated up a frying pan until it was very hot and then placed a toad in the frying pan, the toad would immediately jump out of the pan. But, he shared that if you placed the toad in ...

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Board of Education - Absolutely Appallng

I've never been one to shy away from speaking truth. However, I have always tried to do it in a respectful manner. I'm going to attempt to maintain that standard for myself within this post, however I will also apologize in advance if I lose my cool.

Over the past year I have become involved with a fantastic statewide organization called EmpowerEdGeorgia. The focus of this organization is mainly to help create ...

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Last comment by statesborogirl 6 months, 3 weeks ago
Common Core - Response to the Herald

Have you ever had a salesman knock on your door? Or watched as neighbors bought into a scheme sold to them that would either produce a product that didn't work, or no product at all? Have you ever bought a food item that advertised itself as being lower in sodium and lower in fat thinking you were getting something good for you? Then when you read the details more closely you find that the sodium ...

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