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It turns out that there was indeed a sighting of a *very* large cat two weeks prior to the attack on the cow. It was seen on Olive Branch Road, and we know that it was reported to Animal Control at the time. Don’t know if the DNR was involved, but it would seem likely.

According to what I am hearing from friends in-the-know in the Black Creek area, Animal Control did not want to alarm anyone so it was not reported to the media. However, someone in the community just faxed Holli’s recent article to WTOC, WSAV, and WTGS (Fox 28) because they felt that people should be aware and on the lookout.

I asked about the color of the cat, but could not get reliable info.

So apparently, the panther (or whatever it is), is not just passing through.

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watchdog commented on Monday, May 04, 2009 at 13:11 PM

Regardless of whether they are concerned about panic, wildlife authorities and animal control officers owe us the TRUTH, not "little white lies" that they think is best for us.

Way too many people have seen these cats for it to be just a tall tale. I wonder why the animal control officer quoted in the newspaper article did not mention the sighting?

BlogPatrol commented on Tuesday, May 05, 2009 at 07:04 AM


You’ve probably already seen these, but just in case… That panther that was tracked 200 mile and back came to Statesboro

that youtube video was shot in Alabama:

Claxton GA:

Georgia’s mysterious cow killer: picked up on Holli’s story

Panthers my come to GA:

Bryan County Report has additional info:

2007 Jaguarundis Linked to the Black Panther Mystery

Two chased by panther jump in river: SC/GA border

Black Creek story picked up again: http://animalspictures.quebecblogue.c... cryptomundo-georgias-mysterious-cow-killer/

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