The Trump Tax Cut
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The Trump Tax Cut

Congress has passed the Trump Tax Cut and companies are already announcing year end bonuses, pay raises, promotions and other benefits to their employees. The Private Sector businesses no longer need the politicians and government to survive. The days of buying politicians to write special benefits and tax deductions into the tax code to gain an unfair advantage, are gone.

Companies will now have a level playing field in which to compete. The winner in this new era of our economy will be the workers and consumers, the American People. No longer will money needed to give a pay raise, promotion, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, and more to employees, have to be used to comply with crushing government regulations, unfair foreign trade deals, or to buy government influence to survive, in the age of government. No longer are the politicians in control of our economy, now the American people are back in charge of the economy.

We are now going back to the original purpose and founding of our country, which is: The Business of America is “Business”, NOT GOVERNMENT. Government was to protect our Capitalist Free Market so business would thrive and create the jobs and prosperity for the American People.

Long live Capitalism, the engine of prosperity and happiness guaranteed to the American People by the Declaration of Independence.

Thank you President Trump!

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Bryant commented on Thursday, Jan 04, 2018 at 17:20 PM

Ironside, a couple of observations on your post . You stated, “The days of buying politicians to write special benefits and tax deductions into the tax code to gain an unfair advantage, are gone. “ Really? You believe this when REIT pass through income receives special deduction status? You believe this when individual tax changes expire in eight years but corporate deductions don't? You believe this when parents can use an IRC 529 to send their kids to private school and deduct the costs? You believe this when … never mind.

“The Business of America is “Business”, NOT GOVERNMENT “ The business of government is the protection of freedom. There is no business of America. That is the singular failure: to believe that government exists for the facilitation of business. Businesses will succeed or fail despite the environment. But in the current environment should flourish to the detriment of the majority of consumers. Remember when you didn't have to subscribe to cable or a dish to see UGA play?

Now, feel free to rant about how trickle down economics will improve my lot in life. Despite the proven failure of Reaganomics and the disaster of Brownback's Kansas experiment.

Ironside commented on Friday, Jan 05, 2018 at 03:35 AM

Bryant: You covered all the tired old Democrat talking points of how Capitalism is bad. I will let history prove you wrong. Dow 30,000 by 2020!

Bryant commented on Friday, Jan 05, 2018 at 12:59 PM

Never said capitalism was bad. Unfettered capitalism without oversight is an awful economic system. My comment was the tax act which, despite Republican boasts, is not designed to primarily benefit individuals. Approximately 70% of individuals already file using standard deductions so doubling the amount will not substantially increase the percentage who do not itemize.
Now, you want to debate facts?

SgtFriday2 commented on Sunday, Jan 07, 2018 at 00:12 AM

No Bryant, why don,t you tell us how wonderful things were during the Bush and Obama administration's.
You sound like a bitter old man to me.
Mind you I'm almost 65.

Bryant commented on Monday, Jan 08, 2018 at 10:40 AM

Nope, Friday. Old, yes! Bitter, no. Cynical, you betcha. Jaded, quite probably. And why would you think I believed things were wonderful during Bush 2 and Obama's turns?

I was merely countering Ironside's Pollyannish assertions of the wonderful new horizons opening for the poor and middle class due to the tax cuts provided for corporations and the wealthy.

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