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"Ahhh Christmas! I can smell my sweet, loving mothers' home-made apple and pecan pies as they're set out to cool; their crisp just baked brown crust oozing enticing vapors of comfort and joy for a twelve year old boy and his always empty belly! Whew! The fresh intoxicating aroma of cinnamon buns being pulled out of the oven was always more than my two brothers and I could stand but we'd watch with sweet anticipation as Mom would stick the 'lil' wooden toothpicks all around then neatly cover our divine visual aspirations; tucking in their warmth before placing them next to her pies. As with her ideas, love and Christian values, Momma loved sharing whatever she had, including her desserts and we three boys loved her for ALL of it! Her divine wisdom we would not fully appreciate for years to come but her tempteous and tasty divine delicacies of delight were to be implicitly; a collection of soon to be exploding euphoria within the bowels of boys to be men! Woohoo!!
Let's not forget all the magnificent and wonderful decorations that most of us have collected over the years and love to display this time of year. I hate putting up Christmas lights on the outside of the house yet thoroughly enjoy setting up and displaying my various collections of decorative adornments on the INSIDE of my house. I love to see the outside of my house all lit up and festive looking for me as well as all the passers-by so I do as the saying goes; focus on the end result and that end result being, the beauty of it all when everything is in place. That's what God does for us! He focuses according to His will not on what we are but on what we can and should be. By us doing the same in our lives, the beauty of it all will be that everything and everyONE will be in place. It is Gods' desire to collect and adorn ALL of His children in Heaven!
Now what about the inside? To me, the inside is the easier and more enjoyable to fix up. Afterall, I'm in my very own 'lil' comfort zone here amidst all of my self centeredness and personal reserve. If someone happens by and wishes to come in they are most welcome and they can look at all my collections and adornments then leave; unlike my outside where I have to actually "put myself out there" for all to see thus leaving myself open for worldly judgement.
Over the last couple of weeks as I've meticulously cleaned and then preened my different collections for display all this has been at my minds' forefront like a collapsed collage I'm needing to unfold and present. All of my different collections, my collective thoughts, peoples' friendship I've collected over the years and the HUGE collection of misgivings and wrong-doings I've sadly acquired. These have all led up to one thing...Me! Now it is up to ME to collect and display myself in the image not that the world approves of but that God approves of!
I've often said that I draw my inspiration from life, whether it be my own life or someone else's. While it is true I've not always written or spoken as I'm directed, it is through Gods' power that I am able to do so. My aspiration is to draw from Gods voice as He guides my fingers with each letter.At times His thoughts are immediate or as in this case came many years later as I was painting a house and then He added to this on this day for His reasons. There IS someone out there that is suppose to read this and it WILL change that person for the better. It might be ME.
I recently watched a television show that depicted it's main character as a "collector." By following the storyline it is discovered that this character had a traumatic childhood brought upon by an abusive father after her mothers early death. For punishment he would take her collection from her that she so dearly loved and was so very unwilling to share. He eventually gave each doll away to more "deserving" friends of hers that came over to play. As she became older the character was motivated by her whacked out mind to collect real people and make them her doll collection, thus fullfilling her inside.
As a writer, I have collected for a large part of my life; piling paper upon paper upon paper into desk drawers, filing cabinets and even boxes. I'm sure if my father had taken my writings away from me I would have certainly suffered in some adverse way no doubt but he never did. In fact, he was as most people were for many years unaware of all my writings and later in life when he did read a few he didnt't have a clue to what he'd read. Nothing against him of course. My writing can be a bit deep and thought provoking and he had enough things going on provoking him without adding to them!
I also am a "collector" I collect teapots as many people are becoming increasingly aware of. I've had people from all over give me teapots to add to my growing collection. My very first teapot was sent to me by an on-line friend who took a liking to my; what she called,(unique writing style). I soon started collecting one here and there and kept them not displayed but in the room that I wrote in. Afterall, shouldn't teapots be in the same room as where the Teapotter writes? Well, that was my selfish thinking anyway. And...I've yet to have one or any teapots taken away though a few have been damaged over time.
I've since discovered that making my writing public gives others enjoyment. For whatever reason lots of people like to read what I have written so why should I keep it all locked up inside or in a drawer or box? I guess one can say that I am now a firm believer that if a write of mine touches in a positive way, one person then it was worth writing and worth getting it out there.
Along with my collection of writings and teapots I have one collection that I am extemely proud to possess and that is Gods Word. I have several different versions with all stating that Jesus is the way and the only way to salvation. Admittingly, I was like so many who for too years simply collected bibles along with other Christian literature and displayed them neatly within a nice bookcase with hardly a fingerprint on any of them. It's kind of pointless and an eye opener when I've read just about every book on my shelves EXCEPT the Bible.
Collecting and NOT sharing contributes nothing to anyone other than ones self. The person has simply collected whatever they collect for no one but themself. I could not imagine what my life would be like had it not been for my mother sharing her knowledge, her love and her values with me.In her own quiet way she was telling me just what God has been telling me most of my life and that is to "Go and tell others." HE knows how I am. I'm hard-headed and don't listen half the time. Well, I listen but most times I don't act on what God is telling me! If I don't share His Word with others then I have simply collected God's collection for myself. Kinda selfish to keep something so profoundly life changing and good to one's self now AINT IT?!
So, this brings me to the question of whether or not I am a "collective christian. Am I guilty of reading God's words then locking them up inside of me only to be shown when and to whom I choose? Am I sharing God's "collection"; His word openly on the outside?!
Be assured, each of us is a part of God's ultimate collection. We are His. Afterall, God IS the original "collector"! Does He hide us to Himself? No. Does He want us to hide within ourselves as His children? No! We are to shine His light for all to see. God wants to display us, His children here on earth and in the kingdom of Heaven for we are His divine collection.
Merry Christmas to all of you and too all of you that have read this, if you've never been told then now you have. God loves you and the way to God is only through Jesus
Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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