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"I could change the color of my shoes but still not feel the feet I once had.
If I could feel the feet I once had I wouldn't care about the color of my shoes."

Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

Latest Activity: Nov 13, 2017 at 10:50 PM

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We can All Bloom"
November 21, 2017
"Weeds are God's stems that like us, come from the earth; all with the capability of bringing about beautiful blooms spectacular and extraordinary in individual and unique ways. Just like us, each weed has a purpose, a reason to be and just like us they will flourish as meant to ...
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"Weight of Reality"
November 13, 2017
" Laughing hides his hidden pain as he sips his coffee and wonders why he has yet to go insane. His hat is pulled down, not to hide a frown but to conceal the "real" of his life being lost at a heavy cost. He languishes under the uncertainties; anguishes ...
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"I Try Not To"
November 13, 2017
"What is hunger before it becomes known? How does it feel when it becomes ...REAL?" Is it the last egg sandwich, the last vanilla wafer or these last two crackers I'm about to share with my 'lil' faithful pup when the realization hits me that, "This is it. I'm there. ...
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August 12, 2017
"If I could accomplish in life one thing I'm meant to do I would write in people's hearts, all about love and write off... any wrong or right." Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"
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August 12, 2017
"There's this fella I know that's been financially struggling over the past 8 years; some of which he's been blest to get through. After he made a 'go' at a 'lil' cafe, it had to close due largely to not enough customers and was left owing thousands in state taxes ...
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