What We Don't Know CAN Hurt Us.
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Many people across our country are facing troubling health issues on a daily basis. The obesity levels are rising and we're accepting it as something that's okay. But sadly what we aren't being told is leading us down some dangerous roads. We have come to believe that if it's on the shelf at the market, then it must be okay to put in your body. This is a very big untruth. In more direct terms; a Lie.

People are searching for answers. They have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and many other issues. Loads of companies are popping up by the thousands offering folks a "quick fix" to their problem. People run to these things only to find out they have wasted their money and are no more healthy than before.

Only a very few of these organizations can really help people address their health and change the trajectory of their life. And I'd be glad to share my research on this if anyone is interested, but I really want to address one issue here; Weight loss surgery.

Far too many people are racing in for weight loss surgery. There are a few different types, but ultimately all of them have drastic and possibly life threatening after affects. Time after time I hear stories from people I know who underwent this surgery and are now struggling with major health problems. One who can't absorb nutrients into her system anymore, (this is a common one) and she can't drink much water or it makes her physically ill. (We need to stay hydrated to survive)Several who have had to have all sorts of special treatments done to get iron and other vitamins and minerals into their body. And a few who have had more serious troubles as in the auto immune system of her body shutting down complete and another who lost her life to it.

Anything that will result in our body not being able to function the way it was created to is not going to create health in our lives. I want to encourage people that if you are contemplating this kind of surgery, contemplate it further and talk to people who can guide you to healthier options.

Each of us can take responsibility for our own health. When we find ourselves in a place of high blood pressure, or not feeling great, low energy, poor sleep, and extra pounds we would probably prefer we didn't have, then it's time to examine how we got there. We eat too much at one sitting, we eat the wrong things, we over indulge, we eat too little or not often enough, we drink soda and all sorts of un-natural products. Take charge. Why? Because you can! If you want to be healthier, live longer, watch your grand kids play, or play with them, then take one action step today to make a change. Begin by committing to yourself to do one thing. Maybe it will be cut out soda and drink more water, or make your portions smaller. But you can do it!

There's always an excuse we can come up with for that slab of cake or that second helping of fried chicken and potatoes,but if we get honest with ourselves, we know it's an excuse and we can make the change if we choose to.

I hope this encourages even one person to avoid weight loss surgery and take charge of their life. I hope this motivates a few people to make a change starting today! What would your life look like if you could make it anything you wanted it to be? Think about it...then go make it happen! YOU CAN!

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Ironside commented on Friday, Sep 01, 2017 at 13:01 PM

More and more of the medications we take put weight on people. The Bible says to do things in moderation. When we eat out, the portions are in many cases too large for one moderate meal, so get a take out box. We are the one's in charge of our health, put down the phone and walk more, park farther away from Walmart's front door and walk. It is discipline with, the little things that add up to steady weight loss. Get out and have fun.

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