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"There's this fella I know that's been financially struggling over the past 8 years; some of which he's been blest to get through.
After he made a 'go' at a 'lil' cafe, it had to close due largely to not enough customers and was left owing thousands in state taxes which he say's he was blessed to be able to get paid in full after paying for months and months from his piddly earnings being self-employed.
He ended up losing the family home but was blest to have a 'lil' acreage with a small mobile home on it to move into. He almost lost this as well, even though he had made many attempts to work with the bank for over a year, that money was borrowed from to open and operate the cafe.
Again he was blest to have a remaining 'lil' tract and ONE banker that took an interest in truly helping him and not just threaten to "Take it all",which were the words he'd heard each of the times he had made attempts to have the bank listen to him and just do a property collateral swap which would give the bank prime highway property and allow the fella to stay in the only place he had left. It took that ONE banker to use the kindness placed into his heart just two months to get the property swap done.
Then there's been the many more thousands owed the IRS from cafe business taxes that, with his income have not been able to be paid off, thus an IRS lien was placed on the last 'lil' bit of property left that he lives on He worked with his accountant for over a year as the accountant conversed back and forth with the IRS fellow assigned to his case till one day a little over 2 years ago out of nowhere the IRS fella stamped, 'UNCOLLECTABLE' on his file. It's my understanding that the IRS will 'revisit' the fella's file at anytime up to ten years and maybe, just MAYBE simply write it all off after the ten years. In the meantime, interest and penalties still accrue.
In talking with this fella I found out that it wasn't until the 'uncollectable' was stamped on his file that he finally confident enough to plant some flowers. For four years he thought it needless with an IRS lien he couldn't pay on the property.
There were many hungry days, weeks and months during and after all of this, yet that fella most always kept a smile on his face and still does! I see him from time to time and we'll 'conversate', making sure each of us is 'okay'. Sometimes I'll try yo press him to be a 'lil' more 'conversative' in some of his doings but he just smiles and sidewinds saying, "Bless those who took time to bless me an' let me always do the same."
I just nod my head agreeing with him in knowing all the blessings I've received in my life and the persistence placed within me to be responsible and not ever give up in taking care of blessings through hard work and diligence and passing blessings on in some way.
Teapotter, "Off the Cuff"

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