A Contradiction in Terms?
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While reading today's paper, I came across the article on Underground Haven's for heroin users. As I read the article, my heart sank. Why in the world would anyone think creating underground safe havens where heroin addicts can inject themselves would be a good idea?

Let me backstep a little. I have great compassion for those who struggle with addiction. Addiction comes in many forms. I've had family members and friends that have battled the addiction of alcohol and drugs, all the way to food and work. Anything can be an addiction, however some will literally take your life. Several I have known did in fact lose their battle and died at the hand of their addiction. You watch families hurt and friends at all levels become affected as a result.

People who suffer with addiction may often be predisposed to it. This however ought to never be used as an excuse. Addiction of just about any kind CAN be addressed if the person is willing. (Sometimes even if they're not at first) Other personal factors usually play into the outcome more than the actual substance they are hooked on.

While I have mentioned several different kinds of addiction, (and any of them can damage your life as they put that "thing" above those you love) let's look more specifically at this issue with heroin. We have an epidemic in our country presently regarding this opioid. In the late 60's there was a severe outbreak of heroin use. I feel as though our country is reliving the 60's in many ways. It's sad as we ought to learn from the past, not re-live it.

So, heroin addiction is known to be one of the worst. The drug literally owns you. You don't even have to be predisposed, it's just horribly addicting in our bodies. Deeper issues are probably in place for someone to even go down this road. Those deeper issues are what need to be addressed in order to help anyone. (And that really applies to any form of addiction) However, with a heroin addict, they have to come off the drug before they are rational enough to even begin dealing with the root issues.

One of the many things I've learned in life and in school is that you don't enable addictive or toxic behavior. To do so does not help the subject at all. In fact, it creates a justification in their mind and they will fall deeper and you as the enabler will feel the pain as well. Heroin addiction requires the hand of very well trained professionals if the person is even going to have a chance of winning the battle.

So here we are, creating..... safe underground havens for those who want to shoot up with supervision in case they overdose? What? Please.... someone tell me where any of this makes sense. No, it makes me angry. This is not caring for others. this is helping them kill themselves.

Heroin, will eventually kill you. It doesn't matter if you're supervised, the drug eats you from the inside out. People who use often spend every dime they have on drugs. They go without food, meaning no nutrition in their body. Good nutrition is crucial to cellular health and brain function. Once cells begin to break down, you're in a spiral. These drugs weaken the heart and much more. These places are literal enablers of those who really need desperate help. And our country needs core programs and campaigns to get the word out about the dangers.

The article -written by an AP writer - (one who clearly doesn't grasp reality) referred to the use of heroin as "potentially illegal". Wish I had the big eyed emoji here. What? Potentially? It either is or it isn't. In this case we all know this drug is illegal to use. The article also sited several places where they are attempting to establish injection sites. Ready? New York, California, Seattle, San Francisco, and a few others not mentioned. I was frankly surprised not to see Las Vegas in the mix..quietly one of the biggest drug capitals of our country.

There is helping someone and then there is "helping" someone. If one of my kids takes something that doesn't belong to them, it is not helping them to cover for them so they don't get in trouble. Helping them would be walking them back to the person they took it from and having to return it with an apology.
Someone who is using drugs and alcohol. needs real help. They don't need people who will get them more drugs or bring them to a place where they can somewhat safely shoot up or use. Getting them help would be having the guts to set up an intervention and get them to a good rehab; letting them know they are deeply loved and that God has a bigger plan for them. And yes, I sure do believe that drugs and alcohol are tools of the devil. They steal, kill, and destroy.

I don't condemn those who are in this fight for their lives, or have been in the past. I have great respect for those who have conquered it. And I know that each of them knows it's a daily battle. It hurts my heart to watch lives shattered or destroyed at the hand of a substance. Once they are caught in it, they can't see past it. Rationalization goes out the window. As I said, I've lost family members and friends to it.

Creating these havens so to speak is not only particpation in something that is illegal, it's madness. It's in-humane. It's a demonstration as to how too many people have allowed their minds to be shifted into a place of wrong thinking. I may be using some stronger language here...but it's truth, and if we really want to help others break the bondage of addiction, we have to stand strong against the use of it, teach our children from a young age that it will steal their life... no one is immune... and speak up to our senators and representatives NOT to support this kind of possible legislation.
My prayers are with the many who struggle. May the Lord himself come face to face with them and bring them out.

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Ironside commented on Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017 at 11:07 AM

Several European countries created safe zones to do drug use, in their public parks. The Parks became so infested with used needles and other left over stuff that they had to close down the practice of their safe zones on public health reasons. The over dose rate also went sky high, but that was not a concern for the Liberal Governments, the filth was. This happened in the late 1990's.

We are always a few years behind European Liberalism.

Bryant commented on Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017 at 12:11 PM

"Why in the world would anyone think creating underground safe havens where heroin addicts can inject themselves would be a good idea?"

Perhaps because it's preferable to having people dying on the streets from overdoses? Having limbs amputated from abscesses(at government/taxpayer expense most likely)? Or any other humane reasons.

SusanS commented on Thursday, Aug 24, 2017 at 12:47 PM

Bryant..... they'll die anyway. That's the sad sad part of heroin addiction. They would do better to invest their time getting people the help they need to possibly beat their addiction. You don't help someone "stay" addicted. I'm just stunned.

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