What is this World Coming To?
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I just need to get this off my chest today. I decided it was time to blog what has been going through my head these last several weeks. I'm really quite tired of the subject of politics, but it seems to be bred in me to fight the fight for what is right. Of course there will be some that will question what is right and what is not. I was raised that the difference between right and wrong is pretty clear. I was also raised to be civil and be able to agree to disagree and still be friends. Sadly, we don't live in that world anymore.

Yesterday I responded to a post on a friends facebook page. I merely shared my position on a topic that had been shared. A young whippersnapper of all of about 24 decided they were going to invalidate my position. This was kind of the point at which I decided I needed to share some thoughts.

Over the past several weeks we've watched as the world seems to have lost it's ever not-so-loving mind. It's unsettling for me and I hope it is unsettling for most people. One thing seems clear to me....these horrific crimes that are being carried out are being perpetrated by people who would find a way to carry out their mission NO MATTER what laws or rules are set in place. I cannot for the life of me understand how some people don't grasp the concept of a criminal mind finding a way to carry out their plot regardless of the law. People who do such things are lawless. I would hope we can all agree on that. If we can't, I'm not sure where we can go in discussion.

Speaking of discussion... you know.... that thing that used to be so vital and enjoyable? We in this world can no longer just have discussion. We can't share thoughts, ideas, opinions, without someone getting heated and losing control of themselves...which sadly has been ending in injury or death for many.Why is it anymore that we can't just talk, listen, and recognize that we might just learn from each other? I'm not sure what t is that makes some of us able to stay calm and level headed - even when we're under massive verbal assault - (Which is abuse by the way) and others feel it is their right to scream and literally rip people to shreds with their tongues. There is nothing about this behavior that is okay.

On yet another note, I have to say that in all honesty I'm disgusted by the amount of money people like Pelosi and Reed have poured into the Georgia election. I actually think it should be illegal for other congressman to dump large sums of money into a state election in order to try to "buy" the vote. And I feel that way no matter which party is involved in it. I'm also quite dumbfounded after listening to months and months of so-called feminists going on and on about women's rights and the lack of women in higher positions to then watch them completely turn on Karen Handel. Oh.... I get it now.... they only support liberal women. That's a very sad truth. Unfortunately I know many more conservative women who consider themselves feminists. When they attempted to join groups formed by this feminist movement, they were told they could not join because they were pro life, or they were conservative... What? That's not a feminist movement....that's a liberal movement. Get your heads straight girls.

As a woman who has now lived some life, raised two kids, and battled through my own circumstances in life, I can solidly say I am NOT a feminist. And I say it with quite a bit of confidence. I'm a woman who has achieved whatever I've EVER put my mind to. I understand and appreciate the basic differences between men and women, and I recognize that people are all different. I believe that labeling ourselves actually weakens us. We don't owe anyone an explanation for who we are, nor do we have to fight for it. We live in the USA. We have more rights than most anywhere in the world, and if we are discriminated against, there are lawyers ripe and ready to take our case. We would do better to decide what we want to pursue in our individual lives and pour our efforts into pursuing it.

So to further my concern... as I watch liberal America basically lose their mind over things going on in our country, and as I watch many become obsessed with anything that will take Trump down, conservatives down, or anything remotely connected down, I think back to when we were all warned not to threaten or go after the Obamas. Most people would not have done that anyway. Sure there were some that were a bit off the chain, but ultimately people accepted the outcome - as Americans have always done in the past. So why the double standard? For those who always touted the flag of open mindedness and acceptance, they now are demonstrating their own hypocrisy. Let me clarify here that I don't let conservatives off the hook for many behaviors they have displayed.

I view myself as more of an Independent these days as I can't really relate to either side, but I do find that conservatives can be more passive, create more internal issues for themselves, and not clearly state who they are or what they represent. On the other side of the coin, the anger and hate coming from the left is appalling. The division that has been created within our country, among friends, and even among families is heart wrenching. People have allowed their behavior to cross a line and allowed hatred to fill their heart and anger to control their mind. This is a dangerous place to ever allow ourselves to go. We won't have to worry about terror attacks if this keeps up.... those who so desperately use their violent voices will lose every right they never realized they had to the authority that will step into our country from outside when we crumble. We are wise to take a step back, revisit loving others regardless as to whether we agree or not, and unify as a country.

Our sitting president many be clumsy at times and awkward, but he is the president. None of the candidates were my choice. And I do believe the other possibilities would have been far worse for our country. At least the Donald won't discriminate when it comes to calling out a professional politician. He'll call out a conservative or a liberal, and I think we need that right now. The bigger issue in our government is our congress...not our president.

One of my favorite liberals is Jonathan Pie of the United Kingdom. He is staunchly liberal and yet he has clear understanding of the way the liberal approach is doing more damage to themselves than anything else. I personally don't choose my friends or the people I respect based on their party or their beliefs. I choose based on their character, their ability to reasonably discuss, and their wisdom in being able to honestly assess even their own party. My friends across this country are all different shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, races, and party affiliations. I love each and every one of them. And I love that we can all have interesting discussions about our positions on things and still love each other beyond belief.

Another very staunch liberal just published an article a week or so ago. Her name is Camille Paglia; a well respected writer who also shared great wisdom as to how her own party is not on the right track. Yet most people blindly listen to the sensationalistic lies coming from media, or get caught up in a selfish position and feel they have the right to scream in someone's face over it. I didn't even allow my kids to do that when they were toddlers.

All in all I still tend to believe we are better than this. I still for some unknown reason believe that we can save ourselves from ourselves. Maybe it's because I so strongly believe we have a God who loves each and every one of us more than we can possibly imagine, and when we turn to Him for guidance, He is right there waiting to hold us up and move us in the right direction. In our own strength we will mess it up every time. But we "can do all things through Christ who strengthens us". That statement is not for Christians only. It's for every human on the planet, and when people begin to see that God cares deeply for every single soul, maybe our world will begin to experience His love.

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Ironside commented on Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017 at 18:49 PM

I have said for many years that the way to make elections fair is to limit campaign contributions to those who can legally vote for the candidate. That it! It gets a lot of corrupt money out of politics.

As to what is happening, I see it as the collapse of the Democrat Party. Liberals can sense it happing and are frightened by the unknown that will follow. So many Liberals have invested their whole lives into changing the country into their Socialist World Order, and to see that it will not happen because of Trump, has lead to their madness. Sit back relax and watch it unfold. It will get creaser the closer we get to the Mid-Term Elections in 2018. There will be a new Radical Liberal Party formed after the 2018 elections.

America has dodged a mortal bullet.

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