NAACP wants diversity in schools
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The NAACP of Bulloch County wants more diversity in the school system. It doesn’t believe there are enough black teachers or administrators employed in the school system. It believes that only black teachers and administrators can relate to black students. Wasn’t that the argument for segregated all black schools?

I taught at Southeast Bulloch High School from 1991 to 2010. What I observed was that those students who came from a stable home life, parents that held their children accountable for their behavior, taught them right from wrong, insured they read their textbooks and did their homework assignments, got good grades. Those other children both black, white or other, who did not have this home environment, regardless of status in life, struggled at school. Solve the problems at home, and most of the problems children have at school will be solved.

ALL teachers must hold their students to high standards. To do otherwise, is to cripple them for life. Good teachers prepare their students to meet the many challenges of life, giving them the knowledge in the subjects they teach, to holding them accountable for their behavior as a good parent does, to caring about them and bring out their talents, that is what a good teacher does. It has nothing to do with diversity.

What exactly is the NAACP’s definition of diversity? Is it to have the school system hire more black teachers and assign all black students to be taught only by black teachers, thus creating segregation in the school system? I pray this is not what they mean, for this is not the world that black children must compete in, like all other children.

We are all children of God. We would do well as adults to raise our children that way.

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mandrake commented on Sunday, Jun 18, 2017 at 19:21 PM

Stop blaming the school system, for people lack of parenting and using God.Yes we all God children,and all have respondabilty as parents to teach our children right or wrong and moralt.Stop passing blame.teach parents how to raise children.

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