School SPLOST Vote

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School SPLOST Vote

The announcement of the November 7 School SPLOST vote is a perfect time to discuss taxes in Bulloch County. SPLOST is the fairest way to fund government. SPLOST taxes allow everyone who benefit from government, to pay taxes to support paying for government. SPLOST taxes are those taxes you see at the cash register in Walmart. Everyone pays them.

Bulloch County has a golden opportunity to reduce and eliminate all “property taxes” and “business taxes” throughout the County, using SPLOST to pay the cost of all government in Bulloch County. The economy is already picking up and will only get stronger and stronger. SPLOST taxes will steadily increase as people have more and more money to spend. These increases should be used to lower property and business taxes throughout the County, thus allowing the people to keep more of their hard earned money to spend. This spending will add even more SPLOST tax dollars to run government.

The politicians will resist any move to lower taxes. They will say that SPLOST dollars can not be used to run the day to day operation of government. Tell them to get the State Legislature to change the rules, so that SPLOST can be used for general operating funds. The people of Bulloch County must demand it be done, otherwise the tax revenue will far exceed the cost of government, and the excess will be used on wasteful, unneeded spending projects, instead of lowering property and business taxes to further stimulate the County’s economy.

All of you out there who are paying property and business taxes, this is your golden opportunity, to reduce and eliminate these taxes. But, you must demand that as SPLOST revenue increases, property and business taxes decrease. Show up at the County Commissioners meetings, or you will lose this golden opportunity, and don’t take “No” for an answer. Work it out, so that the economy of Bulloch County, is the best in the State of Georgia and the nation.

Reasonable people can reason together for the good of all the people.

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