Comey Memo
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Comey Memo

Former FBI Director James Comey is reported to have written a memo on his February 24, 2017 meeting with President Trump. The New York Times story states that Trump asked Comey to end the investigation on Mike Flynn. If this story is true, and it was an impeachable offense as the Democrats are claiming, why did Comey not make it public on February 25, 2017. He was the FBI Director and would have known if President Trump was trying to obstruct an onging investigation. Comey was bound by law to make it public when it happened. Comey violated the law by not reporting it when it happened, if what is being reported in the press is true.

So, what is going on in Washington. The Democrats are trying to destroy the President through unproven allegations. Allegations are someone’s opinion, they are not facts, and are meaningless in our system of justice that uses facts. What the Democrats and their allies in the Media are doing is dangerous, and Anti-American.

This is the 1960’s all over again, when the Leftists rioted in the streets of our major cities and on college campuses, trying to overthrow our government to establish a Socialist/Communist government. The results of all of those riots, and unrest that the Left pushed on the American People, only succeeded in a Left Wing take over of the Democrat Party, with their riots in the streets at the Democrat Party’s 1968 Convention in Chicago. The Democrat Party went hard Left after that convention, driving anyone from the Party that wasn’t a Socialist/Communist. Former Governor of Georgia Zell Miller who’s family was for generations Democrats, stated in 2002, “I did not leave the Democrat Party, it left me”, meaning it had become an Anti-American Socialist Party.

What is happening today with the Comey Memo, and numerous other false stories by the Left’s allies in the Media, is the second attempt to take over our government in my life time of 69 years. Those Leftist Communists of the 1960’s were college students then, today those same Communists are old Baby Boomers running the Democrat Party, the Washington Establishment and the Media.

This is what Communism looks like, sounds like, and acts like. This is the 1960’s all over again, brought to you by those same aging Communists of the 1960’s.

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SusanS commented on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 14:21 PM

Been thinking a lot lately we're repeating the 60's. The 60's weren't good for much of anything...except the Beatles and the Beach Boys. :-)

spellbound commented on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 16:07 PM

"Let it go." may or may not have been a demand that Trump issued. If it wasn't a demand, it would probably not qualify as the grounds for an obstruction charge, and therefore Comey wouldn't be required to notify someone in the justice department. If Comey's memo regarding the event is truthful, then what Trump did: asking that the room be cleared (remember that he had to ask Sessions twice)and even discussing the case with Comey was inappropriate. Trump failed to regard Comey's past. Comey as well as many other lawyers has a history of memorializing events and discussions by recording what went on and what was said. The courts have ruled that the memorializations can be used as supporting evidence in cases and hearings. In fact one of Comey's previous memos was ruled just so in a previous case during the Bush administration. Trump should have done his research. Comey under oath has stated that there had been no attempt to interefere in the FBI's investigation, so it is apparent that he didn't regard his memo as evidence of interference, just as a statement of the behvaiors evidenced in that room at that time. Smart move on his part. He wrote and disseminated his account to others, thereby creating a record of the event. The reporter who wrote the article didn't credit Comey with releasing it, so we don't know who did. The reporting does give Trump a chance to release the "tapes" (his quote marks)that he tweeted about in his "presidential" (my quote marks)taunt directed at Comey. Maybe President Trump should keep his eye on the ball.

Ironside commented on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 17:12 PM

Spellbound: As you state, Comey in May stated under oath that "There had been no attempt to interfere in the FBI investigation making his memo meaningless. Yet the Democrats who knew full well of Comey's May denial of any interfere, used the Memo to smear the President. Finally, Comey knowns who he gave the Memo to, and why he gave it. We should find out when he testifies next week.

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