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As I fast approach the age of 65 where I'm eligible for medicare,I've been reading up on the positive and negative's of the single payer system in healthcare.

I think the biggest reason that healthcare is in the current shape it's in can be traced to insurer's. Afterall they are in business to make a profit.

We all want and deserve decent healthcare, but it does come with a price. It depends on the individual as to how much they are willing to pay, or can pay. And it becomes more of an issue in emergency situations.

Would you be willing to pay more taxes for healthcare provided to all for basic services, if it meant that you had zero premium's for healthcare insurance? Unless of course you had supplemental insurance ala medicare.

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Ironside commented on Friday, May 12, 2017 at 08:34 AM

Healthcare began to get too expensive when the Federal Government illegally got involved under President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" in 1964,with Medicare. Medicare established the benchmark price the government was willing to pay for healthcare procedures,thus eliminating competition in the market place. If the government was willing to pay $200 to fix a broken bone, than the doctor would never charge less than $200. Each year the government would publish it's payments chart showing how much more the government would pay the doctor to fix a broken bone, now $225, that the doctors would now charge a person with private health insurance or someone without health insurance, thus driving up the cost to everyone. Thus steady increase in cost driven by government involvement in healthcare sense 1964, and we find ourselves where we are today with government Obamacare.

Healthcare is expensive thanks to government involvement, and is why everyone needs to pay their own way through private insurance, as we do for car insurance. The private insurance company is the one looking to keep the price down based on what the market will bare. Should we pay more in taxes to the government so we can have free food. How much would food cost if the government was willing to pay $2.50 for a loaf of bread. It would never be sold for less than $2.50, and would steadily increase each year when the government published it's new rates on how much it would pay for a loaf of bread.

When Medicare started, it covered all the medical expenses. Today, it only covers a portion of the expenses. Today you have to buy a Part B plan and more, with out of pocket expenses on top of what Medicare pays. A single payer system that puts the government in charge of everything, would lead to taxes being so high to support the system that there would be no money left in the hands of the people to buy food, gas or anything else. The economy would collapse.

The only answer is the "Free Market".

P.S. The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to be involved in healthcare. Only States can be involved. Healthcare is not listed in Article I section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and therefore must be add through a Constitutional Amendment for the Federal Government to be involved in healthcare.

SgtFriday2 commented on Friday, May 19, 2017 at 18:00 PM

If private insurance is the one looking to keep prices down,then why do they keep raising premiums every year? And why do they refuse to cover certain procedures? I understand trying to stop abuse of the system but come on...

Yes, definitely Medicare isn't what it used to be. But what is?

I don't want the feds involved in health coverage either, I'm just looking for some common sense answers to a Big problem for a LOT of people.

I do remember the days when my insurance,which was as good or better than now, cost me zero dollars every paycheck. Those days are long gone.

Ironside commented on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 08:17 AM

Private insurance has to keep raising premiums every year, because the government keeps raising what it will pay doctors under Medicare. They don't refuse to cover certain procedures, people are not willing to pay the premiums to have a policy that covers them.

The least expensive way to have healthcare is through the "Free Market". When new things like cellphones, HDTV, computers and many other items first showed up in the market place, they were expensive. Over time they got cheaper with much more features thanks to our competitive "Free Market".

Get the government out of the healthcare business, give the money it is spending on healthcare back to the People where they got it from, and the People can buy the policy that best meets their needs.

SgtFriday2 commented on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 14:54 PM

I'm referring more to the fact that insurers won't cover certain procedures on a policy you have thru an employer. The best policy they or the employer offers.
So I guess you could say that healthcare falls under the " You get what you pay for"category?

Ironside commented on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 06:29 AM

Yes, that is true. The Market Place will provide what ever you are willing to pay for. An employer policy is a basic policy to cover all employees and keep the price down for the employer. The employee can purchase a supplement policy to cover other things. It all comes down to money. Obamacare takes money from the working class to give subsidies to the non-working class, driving the cost of healthcare higher and higher for the working class, who pay for their own, than pay for everyone else through higher taxes to pay for the subsidies, and it still is not enough money for the insurance companies to pay the medical bills and stay in business. That is why they are all getting out of Obamacare.

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