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Today I read an article in the Herald titled "Cholesterol drug cuts heart risks". Granted there are times in our lives when we must absolutely use a medication. And there are situations where a medication may be necessary long term for a patient. However, the use (or abuse) of prescription drugs is something we all ought to be paying more attention to in this country.

The article shared information on a new cholesterol drug given by injection that apparently lowers risk of heart issues. How we could actually know this I'm not quite clear as it is pure speculation that someone "might" have had heart issues if not using this drug. It's really more an attempt to gain insurance backing of the new drug. Insurance companies are leary of covering a drug that has no proof in doing what they claim, so they must manufacture research to demonstrate it's effectiveness.

This is only one example of the many ways we Americans are drawn into the Big Pharma mission of making themselves a ton of money. Do we watch the ads on TV when they go into all the possible side affects of different drugs being placed on the market? I'm pretty turned off by just the possible stomach issues let alone the "and it could cause death" part.

But the bigger issue here is this: If we want to lower our cholesterol, are we all aware that the best way to do that is by creating a better and healthier lifestyle? There are a small percentage of people who must use cholesterol meds as lifestyle isn't what the issue is, however, most people can lower their cholesterol, live a healthier and better quality of life, just by changing a few things they do daily.

So, are we willing to set that bag of chips aside? Our beer? Our precious beer? All the buttery, sour cream slathered mashed potatoes we chow on? The extra fatty meats we enjoy? The ice cream... oh I know I"m stepping on some toes with that one. Our bigger problem is that we're addicted to our food. And we're addicted to our televisions and our couches. I know this may sound rough, but this is real truth and we could be saving ourselves hundreds or thousands of dollars each year just cutting out medications we don't need if we create a healthy lifestyle.

So I would ask yourself.... "what do I really want my life to look like"? If you could create exactly the quality of life you wanted, what would that look like? Dare for one moment to dream. Could it happen? Let me share one story with you... just one.

Three years ago my husband was on cholesterol meds, high blood pressure meds, and his triglycerides were off the chart. He had fought weight issues and health issues for twenty years and had begun to believe this was just how it was going to be. One Fall, he stepped on a scale and saw 300 pounds. He didn't tell me. He knew he had to do something but didn't know what to do. A few months later he heard about a health program that wasn't a diet. It was a literal health program. He had already done just about every "Diet" out there and had come to the conclusion that diets don't work. He explored this program and decided to give it a try. Much to our dismay and sheer joy this program worked! And not only did it work, he got rid of 70 pounds, came off ALL his medications, and then began to get his body in shape.

Today he enjoys biking, running and swimming and participates in triathlon's. What? Who is this we speak of!!? If someone had told me four years ago that my husband would be doing this I would have laughed at them. He's honestly in better shape and better health than the day we got married and it's now been three years since he took that first step.

So, yes, we don't eat donuts, we don't fill our plates to overflowing, we don't celebrate food...we celebrate the precious relationships in our lives. We go to the beach and walk for an hour. We get out in the yard and aren't tuckered out after 30 minutes. We smile more, laugh more, love better, and enjoy doing things together in ways we didn't realize we could again.

So, back to my topic at hand.... if you really want to deal with a health issue, ask your doctor: "Is this something I absolutely need or would creating a healthier lifestyle resolve the issue?" If they say living healthier would probably help you, go for it! And be careful...there is a lot out there that is faulty or gimmicky and won't give you the results you desire. And also keep in mind... the only person that can make the changes happen for you is YOU. Find yourself a certified Health Coach who can guide you and teach you how to create long term health in your life. And keep in mind, you can't just exercise yourself to health. It starts with how you fuel your body. Exercise comes later.

We know it can be done because WE DID IT! And so now have many many more just in our area, let alone around the country. But we have to be willing and ready to change our mind about Food and how we are living daily. A friend of mine once said to me "Food is the only acceptable addiction". Are we willing to take a good hard look at what we are doing to ourselves and take one small step forward?

Would you like to see the drug industry put in a better perspective in how we do healthcare? Are we doing preventive care or are we doing tertiary care - which only addresses a problem once it's a problem. AND, only masks the symptoms instead of getting to the root of the health issue.

I'll close by just repeating that, yes, there are health situations that require medication in no uncertain terms. However, I honestly believe that much of the medication being distributed could be foregone if we would address our lifestyles. After seeing people come off diabetes medications, and so much more, I'm a firm believer in creating health in my body to the best of my ability and sharing that possibility with as many others as I can.

Have a healthy awesome day! Get outside and take a beautiful walk. :-)

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