Voting is for the Rich
Last comment by SusanS 8 months, 3 weeks ago.

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why do we vote is like getting married no matter who you pick it's turn out bad.Unless your rich, they get everything they want.Well fine let them have their birds and their air even their president s.What do they care if a man fixes cars or pick up dog duties in the park.and use his whole pay check to take care of his family.what do they care, the rich are out in their outdoor restaurant drinking their fine wine, eating steak in their no smoking section and with their sexy skinny second wife.and here were breeding with peasant stock. one thing I know you can't win through the system. Voting has never been the American way we didn't get away from that paninis country England by Voting.We did it by throwing their stinking tea in our American harbor.and why because American don't like tea,we like coffee and American don't like wine.we like beer ice cold.So let take it to the street, only thing that American understand is mindless Tom & Jerry cartoon violence,so let kick some elite butt.

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SusanS commented on Saturday, Mar 18, 2017 at 11:21 AM

That would go completely against what Martin Luther King Jr stood for. He made tremendous progress in our country in the way he approached issues.
Voting is for every single American citizen. It's not difficult and it doesn't need to be made into something difficult. We all are required to have some form of ID. If we drive, we have a license, or we have a form of ID card in order to do many other things we need to do daily. Ensuring that we have proper identification and that it is consistent with what is on file is nothing abnormal. My son this past November almost wasn't able to vote because a number had been written incorrectly on his voter registration. It's easy to go to the registrars office in town a few months ahead of an election and verify that your information is correct in the system. It was a quick easy fix and he was able to vote.
Mandrake I don't know you personally, but I wish you all the very best. Make your vote always count and make it with an informed mind.
PS.... Tea is good. LOL. :-)

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