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The following was sent to both Senators and Congressman Allen.

I am extremely concerned about the current President's callous disregard for the separate but equal parts of our government. His crude, insulting comments about judges and members of the Congress who dare to disagree with him, not to mention members of the press, business entities, and anyone or anything which does not kowtow to his warped perception of reality, are beyond the pale.

I am concerned by his constant lying about things which concern the American public and are easily disproven. A person who lies so blatantly is delusional, especially when repeating the lie(s) after they have been proven false. I am concerned about his business relations and his apparent failure to recognize his responsibility as the President to divorce himself from those concerns for the best interest of all the American people.

But most of all, I am concerned by your failure to take the President to task for his childish, petulant, and – most probably – unethical behavior. Your silence condones boorish behavior and threatens the welfare of the nation. I may disagree with your politics but I will disagree respectfully. I do not want a part-time President nor one whose personal and financial interests may influence his decisions.

I would like my elected officials to speak out loudly and pointedly any time a lie is perpetrated by the President. The subject doesn't matter, he is the President and he represents all of us and honesty matters. I expect you to act swiftly when issues of conflict of interest arise and clear legal violation occur, as in the case of Ms. Conway.

You, in your role as my elected representative, stand between we the people and a woefully unprepared President. I want to hear your voice when anyone or anything, regardless of party affiliation, challenges the Constitution and separation of powers. Silence in the face of lies is cowardice.

Bryant Garner
Brooklet, GA

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SusanS commented on Monday, Feb 20, 2017 at 16:43 PM

Many of us have been trying to take presidents to task for many years now. Sadly, we haven't been "allowed to". On yet another note, as much as I am not a fan of Trump he is calling out a media that has gotten way out of control. That's fine with me. I don't agree with the way he does it, but he does it. As for the constitution, every time we get a new president someone accuses them of undermining the this one gets old on me.
The ninth circuit court has needed to get its chain yanked for a very VERY long time. That's not a court, it's a group of people with a personal agenda not following the expectations set forth to them when they took their oath.
A good friend of mine is a judge is Phoenix, Arizona. He is a more liberal individual. I have tremendous respect for this man as he never ever allows his personal opinions to get in the way of following the letter of the law. Anyone who has met him but doesn't know him personally could never tell you where he stands politically. He's a fair man. That is what our judges are called to. He has had discussions with me about his concerns about the ninth circuit and how they are damaging the credibility of the courts. (And that was shared in a private conversation between two very long time friends.)
That's my nutshell response for the day.

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