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Do you remember the old song? Some of you were around and many of you probably weren't. The end of that line was "is Love sweet Love".
This past election was a rough one. One of the roughest I've ever seen in my lifetime. Some of you may know I was not a fan of any of the candidates. It was a very hard decision this time around. I've watched government become more and more corrupt over the years. It would be easier to tell you who I might trust than who I definitely don't. And even then, I'm cautious.
Our country has become incredibly divided. We're divided on many issues, but we're mostly divided now by party affiliation. I honestly believe this was done intentionally.
I have always refused to allow others to create division in my life. My friends are my friends, no matter their skin color, their religion, or their nationality. I have female friends, male friends, black friends, middle eastern friends, gay friends, wealthy friends, poorer friends, hispanic friends, conservative friends, liberal friends, and neutral friends. You name it. I love every single one of them. Do we all agree on everything? We absolutely do not. But we love and respect each other.
In this circle of friends I've found a great example of what our country ought to be like...what we were meant to be like. We were meant to be a melting pot of many different peoples all working together to create a great life for ourselves and a strong country.
So I'm going to share a few thoughts that have been stirring in my heart for a while. Forgive me if I get a little harsh here, but I think it needs to be said.
No matter who the president of the United States is, We the People need to learn (relearn) how to work together, talk to each other, and create unity...even in our differences. We have a governmental system which is one of the most efficient in the world. We have checks and balances in the three arms of government that were placed there purposely to create accountability. If we see this being threatened, every single one of us should speak up and work together to ensure there are always strong checks and balances in place.
Over my voting life I've watched many presidents become come into office and then watched people go into frazzled panics over the possible tragedies ahead. And what happens next ought to teach us something. We may not agree with that president, but we move forward, and we are all okay.
The panic I'm seeing right now is more blown out of proportion than I've ever seen. It's frankly ridiculous. And it's likely we would have seen similar reactions if Clinton had won. And that would have been ridiculous.
If we each are willing to work together, no matter the political view or the party affiliation, we can create positive change and have a solid voice.
So here's where I'm going to get a little pointed. We aren't willing to do that. People to busy being mad at the people who voted for Trump. Too angry at what was seen on the campaign trail to give this guy a chance. people have already doomed him from the start. And yet when people had this reaction to Obama, everyone who supported him lost it! It seems to be okay if it's your candidate but not if it's the other guys candidate. That's flat out called a double standard.
I was raised to treat others in the way I want to be treated. So I encourage all of us to have hard conversations, be a listener, don't yell at people or accuse people, or make personal attacks on them because they believe one way and you believe another. Learn to love each other despite our differences. Isn't this what everyone calls tolerance? You can't call for it and not do it.
Take some time to think deeply about what you expect from government; what their job really is. Weed out things government doesn't need to spend our money on and where they really need to focus. What really matters to you? To YOU... not to the media, or the groups shouting in your ear... to YOU.
Finally, if you're going to yell, accuse, bully, attack, and be downright nasty to others, then you're part of the problem. You won't solve anything with that kind of attitude and approach. If you are gracious, you care about people, you have conversations with facts, (real facts not talking points)and you love others no matter what their position, you'll begin to see real change.
I think the question is "Do you WANT to see real change" or do you just enjoy stirring up the waters? Because there are those who just genuinely want to be divisive. Don't fall prey to those people or groups.
We just celebrated MLK Day. He was more than just a good man. He was a world changer. I wish he had been around to maybe become president. The work he did amazes me and if you haven't read some of the detail of his work, his heart, and his approach, I encourage you to. He didn't create the change through violence and hatred. He created it through Love, care, self control, following Christ, and speaking intelligently about the change that needed to be made. He was a visionary. We all still know his vision. And it's possible. But, it's only possible IF WE JOIN HANDS.
So, part of the problem or part of the solution? Want to hold this president and every future president accountable? We can do that.... but only TOGETHER.

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