Ferguson: The Facts
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At first glance, and if you believed what the parents and friend of the young man who was shot and killed said of the incident and their son, this young black man had been gunned down execution style, shot in the back as he walked away from the police officer with his hands up.

The largely black community of ferguson, a suburb outside of saint louis missouri was rightly upset. No one should be killed by anyone, especially a member of law enforcement, who are there, we are told, to serve and protect.

The victims friend was it seemed the only witness so his version of the events was heralded throughout the worlds press. He, of course, said they were innocent and they were stopped simply because they were black.

The parents immediately, and it seemed as first rightly so, demanded the officer be arrested, possibly for the murder of their son. The police officer went into hiding, now fearing for his life.

Two of our nations most publicity seeking black activists immediately flew to ferguson for all the photo ops they could possibly arrange, holding numerous press conferences to denounce this execution of an innocent black man.

A video turns up, taken by J.J. Wilson, a young black man who lived right near where the young man was shot and killed. His video, in which he and two other young blacks talk about what must have gone on after stating on the tape itself they didnt actually see it.

The community immediately begins holding peaceful protests. Watching the actual raw and unedited television crew footage of each of the days events, the Saint Louis County police took over the patrolling of the community at the request of the city of ferguson which was not capable of dealing with such massive protests.

The county officers showed up with riot trucks, in riot gear, and started firing rubber shotgun shells which left what i would call serious wounds on a number of protestors, and small plastic balls which contained chemicals which exploded on contact and were highly unpleasant.

I (and you can watch them too if youre interested) I saw how a very small contingent of young black youths left the protest and began looting three businesses. When the white camera crews approached them guns were drawn by these thugs who then threatened them and chased them away.

Amazingly, they were soon stopped in their tracks and prevented from any further looting by large crowds of those blacks who had been protesting peacefully. Hallelujah!!

Meanwhile the police release a video of a young man robbing a store and threatening another customer in the store. Amazingly, the parents admit that the man in the video is their son.

The also claim it is an effort to discredit their son and make his shooting seem more plausible. Now, the Wilson tape begins to be examined by experts who find several very interesting things.

The language used on the tape does two things. First it identifies all speakers as black, for if it had been a white person who released that tape the number of times the word ni++er was used would have itself caused a riot.

Of course, by now the parents of the young man have acquired a large legal team. Stating that they dont have faith in the local county prosecutor they demand his removal, and then they demand a private autopsy be done. That is approved and former NYC examiner takes on the job.

He, it turns out, did the MLK and JFK autopsies, so is seen as very reliable. His results: the young man was shot six, not eight times; all were in his front, and none in the back; and four were in one of his arm and the last two in the head.

This autopsy report states very clearly that the last shot killed the young man, and may have been done as he was leaning over the cop. This fits with the now released version of the shooting of the police officer by the police department.

It seems that in this version the officer attempted to stop the young man and was attacked by him, at which point fearing for his life he shot, and killed him.

Remember I said the Wilson tape does TWO things. Here's the second. Secondly, it also provides a very clear record of what actually happened, for in the background underneath the obscenity laced rantings of two others, whose vocabularies seems to be primarily the words ni++er, fu++er, and motherfu++er. In this mans own words lies the real truth!

Experts are now singling out this mans version of events: he states very clearly he saw everything! Why didnt he come forward? Simple: what he saw was the young man getting IN the police car and attacking the officer! Not what the parents would want to hear, for sure!

Furthermore, to use the speakers own words, the young man after starting to walk away then "bumrushed him again" and it was at this point that the officer shot again for he feared for his life.

Ferguson becomes the center of attention. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, finally asks the Missouri State Troopers to take over policing of the town. He then appoints Captain Ron Johnson, who actually has lived there much of his life, as point man for law enforcement.

Now, the protests have become violent indeed with molotov cocktails been thrown and guns being fired, not by the police of peaceful protestors but by as captain johnson says troublemakers largely from outside the area. These include persons from MY and CAL who are arrested.

So, Governor Nixon calls in the Missouri National Guard. Then, he releases a video tape in which he says the police officer must be "vigorously prosecuted".

Hey, wait a minute. Is this lawyer and politician Governor now calling for a hanging of the officer, even before a grand jury has been empaneled. Of course he is! In my opinion hes a cowardly politician whose afraid he might somehow suffer politically if he doesnt jump on the 'guity' bandwagon.

Now, this causes the state's Lieutenant Governor, a Republican, to rightly denounce his boss for first his slowness in responding to the crisis and the fact that as Dixon himself is a lawyer he should know that in this country EVERYONE is innocent until PROVEN guilty!

What is really bad about the Governors statements, is that if he had bother to read official reports of the event, now released by the police department in ferguson, the white police officer who shot the young man has been revealed to have severe injuries from this supposedly at a distance execution he performed upon this supposedly innocent young black man.

These injuries an extremely battered face, including what at first was thought to be a broken eye socket, which seems to even further verify the stated eye-witness report of the events upon how the young man climbed in the cop car and attacked the officer AND the private autopsy report performed at the request of the young mans family which stated he may have been very close to the officer when shot!

So, after all that...here are the facts as have been revealed:

This young man robbed a store and threatened a customer...he and his friend were walking down the middle of the road when stopped....not knowing he was the robber but being aware of the robbery he noticed the young man with a box of the same cigars just stolen from the store...

as stated by the now recognized eye witness on the Wilson video the young man almost immediately attacked cop when stopped and then after starting to walk away rushed at him and attacked him again... and was shot by officer who at that moment feared for his life...

It is a shame the situation in ferguson was so rife with anger over how locals were being treated that everyone immediately rushed to judgment.....

...hopefully things will calm down and as the grand jury investigates all of the facts the actual truth will be revealed...

and hopefully the locals will accept the final decision as to what ACTUALLY happened here...and let go of the rumors and lies and innuendo being spun by some many people...

then all the out of town attention seekers and trouble makers can be sent away, or locked up...

Then and only then can the community can get about the business of setting things right. That includes helping out the locally largely black owned businesses which were torched and/or looted, and straightening out the problems in the police force especially!

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Bryant commented on Thursday, Aug 21, 2014 at 15:35 PM

Regional, you also appear to be "rushing to judgment "; just not the same one as the protestors and the victim's family. I try to avoid as much heavily edited, sensationalized coverage as possible -a Herculean task.

But I do wonder, if it was a case of a white perpetrator being shot by a black police officer, would the say cry for immediate justice based on dubious eyewitness reports occur?

Regional commented on Thursday, Aug 21, 2014 at 17:17 PM

ahh, my friend.....there in lies the rub...

...that is why I all this time to tally the facts that have been discovered...rather than make a mis-step as the facts about the case slowly dribbles forth...

...that being said...I am still not stating what actually happened...because I was NOT there...and am glad to admit that I dont know the real truth...

...however I want to show how all these second and third hand reports being touted by representatives on the family, the police department, and by the media seem to differ so much what is being revealed as the real truth...

,,,I also believe that there will be much more revealed and am quite anxious to see what THOSE facts might be...

..and as I state I just hope that the citizens of the community are willing to accept that so much they were convinced was the truth turned out, as often happens, to be wrong.....

Dixie2 commented on Saturday, Aug 23, 2014 at 12:14 PM

Bryant, you ask:

"But I do wonder, if it was a case of a white perpetrator being shot by a black police officer, would the say cry for immediate justice based on dubious eyewitness reports occur?"

I doubt there would be any cry for immediate justice and possibly little or no protests from white people.

Scindapsus commented on Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 at 10:17 AM

... because it's such a rare occurrence that there's no systematic pattern for white people to protest against. Right?

Charles_and_Angie_Howell commented on Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014 at 20:12 PM

Actually in Salt lake City, we have an un-armed white 20 y/o shot and killed by a black officer. No alleged assault on the officer at all. Apparently the police had a report of 'a man with a gun.' The victim exited a 7-11 at the wrong time, did not hear the police command to stop because of earphones, and was shot reaching for his cell phone.

I hold no animosity for the policeman, who must now carry a heavy burden. I feel pity for the family who lost a son. I have absolutely no desire to riot, loot, or 'demand justice.'

I do feel A LOT of disgust for the Liberal minded media who have given this story less attention than they gave Jodie Foster's wife at the Emmy's.

Old joke = what do you call a dozen reporters at the bottom of the sea? A good start! (Local reporters excepted)

Scindapsus commented on Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014 at 15:44 PM

Actually, I guess there is a perverse logic at work in the breathless conservative "outrage" at the media's seemingly minimal coverage of the Utah incident. After all, white cops killing a black guy is a pretty ordinary occurrence, hardly what you'd even call news anymore. But a black cop killing a white guy? Now THAT'S not something that happens very often, surely the definition of newsworthy!

Hey, have you noticed that when an unarmed black guy gets himself killed, that the liberal media portrays him first as an innocent and then, and lastingly, as a thug, and when an armed white guy kills one to many people, the liberal media inevitably portrays him as "disturbed?"

Bryant commented on Thursday, Aug 28, 2014 at 07:59 AM

Pus, there is no doubt that everyone including the media harbor cultural conceptions accumulated over, not only one's lifetime, but our family's and our country's lifetimes.

As to the media portraying black victims, "lastingly, as a thug,", I presume you have evidence to that effect? And your comparison of two disparate occurrences is a feeble attempt to introduce some similarity where there is none.

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