Bingo Nightmare

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Why is it bingo alway played in the worst neighgorhood and always in some church.Anyway i needed some money,so i found out they were haven,t a bingo game in altanta.So i went,i did good,i won 500 dollars,the game was over i was waiting for my ride,but my ride didn't come it was almost 11:00 the cleaning lady come in,look kind of homely looking,said get out i got to lock up.i though this was a sanctuary.yea still a 11:00 after that it just a another crime don't understand,my ride didn't come and i'm carrying 500 in cash,if you make me leave now no telling what would happen to me.I know exactly what will happen to you,but luckly today Doctor today can reattach almost anything.I think i better call a will never get a cab at this time of night,you can get one in the morning,if you don't mind shacking up with me,i got a hot plate some macroon&cheese.Look dream date,their got to be another way out of here.well their is way,i have cousin who run a gypsy cab,he can come and get you for 200 dollars.I can't believe your trying to ripp me off, in a sacrifice place God is going to get you.Yea their so many thing he can take from me.Well i,m not paying 200 dollars you cave dwilling pirarte.So i turn around reach for the door and i hear police siren and the ambulance so i turn around and gave the lady 200 dollar.So i'm on my way home the ride was ruff.The cab driver turn around sorry for the bumpy ride,it hard to drive, went your comeing off drugs.All sudden he stop.Sir why did you stop.well you see this ankle bracelet i'm wearing i'll volatile my probation if i go any further,my buddy abul will take you the rest of the way.I had to hand abul another 200 dollar to get home.So i'm riding again,Abul the cab driver said, i find riding to be a fine experance,i feel the faster you go the faster you get their.Yea i never knew a geo metro could go a 140 miles a hour,well finaly made it home with just 100 dollar left, what a nightmare.

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