Israel and Hamas: Who is in the right?
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Hallelujah! Hamas has finally agreed along with Israel to a cease-fire for 72 hours, based on the exact same conditions to stop fighting as the cease-fire they refused to sign off on one month ago. Too bad that Hamas actually rules Gaza and the Gazans have no say in their own affairs!

Now, Israel agreed to several cease-fires over the past month, but Hamas either violated them almost immediately by attacking Israeli forces or launching more rockets after it was supposed to take effect; or flat-out refused to stop attack Israel.

It's unfortunate, to say the least, that Hamas didn't agreed to the earlier truce under the same exact conditions when there were only 190 civilian deaths. Instead, they waited until there were 1900 civilian deaths, and the international outcry had grown much larger, to agree to the same cease-fire terms.

So, who is responsible for causing the additional 90% of civilian deaths in Gaza? Gee, you think Hamas had a role in all those deaths? Well, read on.

Folks, Hamas's organization is committed to destroying Israel. None other than the son of the actual founder of the very same Hamas organization himself recently was interviewed by many different news outlets about his decision to state very clearly for all to hear what Hamas led by his father they intend to do.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, who is featured in a documentary called "The Green Prince" stated that "Hamas doesn’t care about the lives of Palestinians. Don’t think for a second please that Hamas cares for the children’s blood,...They want the children of Gaza to die...That is their game and they are happy about it.” Hmmh!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a live press conference just completed as I write this, shared some amazing video and aerial footage of Hamas militants doing their dirty deeds.

According to P.M. Netanyahu, much new information has come to light as worldwide journalists have left Gaza and are free to report their findings that conditions imposed upon them by the Hamas authorities had prevented them from posting.

The most amazing video footage I've seen was shot by an Indian TV (NDTV) team who actually videotaped from their hotel room a secret Hamas team setting up a tent, and then proceeding to install, and wire and then fire, from a safe distance, their unguided rockets from the pit they had dug.

These Indian journalists were walking from their hotel to go check the site out but were warned off immediately by locals that to do so could mean their death as whenever the Hamas rockets were fired Israeli jets or artillery would shell the area in response.

What was right next to this just dug rocket pit? Why, apartment buildings, stores, and hotels of course. What else would be so safe from Israel's surveillance? Under this innocuous looking tent could be virtually anything.

So, you want to know why many other apartment buildings and stores and other civilian areas were bombed? Gee, whiz, do you think maybe Hamas fired rockets from right around those places too?

Well, P.M. Netanyahu then showed aerial footage of several rocket firings, from civilian areas, where Israeli attacks were called off due to visible innocents around those sites.

Then P.M. Netanyahu showed aerial footage of Hamas fighters clustered around building, where civilians were brought into the area, voluntarily or by force, where the Israeli attacks were able to be called off in order to avoid civilian deaths.

P.M. Netanyahu could have referred to a war manual captured by the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza called 'Urban Warfare,'. Hamas knows how people all around the world would respond to pictures of civilian deaths.

Issued by the Shuja'iya Brigade of Hamas' military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, it proclaims the usefulness of many civilian deaths to gaining world-wide support form their cause.

Much more is known now about these 'terror' tunnels. There are now numerous videos of all kinds of foreign reporters being taken into these tunnels. They are not holes dug in the dirt just beneath the ground. Nooooo!

Many of the 32 tunnels dug up by Israel were 40-60 feet beneath the surface, line with reinforced concrete slabs - you know, the kind given to Gaza to build schools and hospitals and apartment buildings and such by the European and Western nations.

Many of them had running electricity, professionally installed wiring and everything, running off of, in some cases, Israeli supplied electricity. They had drains for water run-off. Many even had steel rails on their floors to carry heavy equipment, you, know, rockets, large explosives, things of that kind, through the tunnels.

For those who believe they were just for smuggling supplies into the Gaza strip to defeat the Israeli blockades of material, just watch any one of the several Hamas and other videos of attacks being launched upon Israeli military and civilian sites by fighters pictured emerging from these very tunnels.

Then, P.M. Netanyahu, asked a very good question. What right did Israeli have to stop those who were firing the more than 3500 rockets at their people and their cities just in the last month alone? His answer was clear. They have a right to defend their people and their nation.

This is the same right that any other nation or state would claim if someone started firing rockets at them from outside their borders. I can guarantee you that if someone started firing rockets into America from Canada or Mexico the real s*it would hit the fan. Immediately! God help anyone who physically attacks the United States from outside it's borders!

There would be no silly panels to be convened by international organizations to find out what we had done to cause them to fire there rockets at us. Moreover, there would be no world-wide outcry about American viciousness towards their neighbors after we had blasted those sites, and those firing the rockets, into oblivion.

So why do so many people were and around the world call Israel the attackers and the guilty party? Is it because the media outlets they watch show everything from such a twisted and perverse perspective? Or is it because most people just see a few gross pictures and are revolted, rightly so, but dont bother to find out the history of and the real reasons for those deaths.

Yousef also stated for the record that Hamas is NOT an Arab organization, and is NOT a Palestinian organization. It is an Islamic militant group intenidng to impose an Islamic state in the Gaza area. He said very clearly they have hijacked the Palestinian cause. Hmmh!

Hmmh. That doesnt sound good for Hams' PR campaigns. Why hasn't this news been trumpeted around the world? Could it be that it doesn't fit into the plans the news networks have for the solution between Israel and Gaza. Don't you think the press has their own agenda in every thing they do!

I think people need to get real. Let Israel and Gaza and the West Bank build their own nations in peace and cooperation. As to Hamas, for everyone's sake, they have to go, peacefully or otherwise!

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wavettore commented on Wednesday, Aug 06, 2014 at 18:29 PM

There will never be peace in the Middle East because of one Religious misbelief. The land of Moses is also the land of Pinocchio. As long as the lie of Moses, the Bible, will continue to make people believe the existence of one chosen Jewish people with privileges beyond those of other populations there will be no peace. Israel was a concept before it became a State and today is a State like no other. In fact it is the only Country in the World that has never defined its borders since its Declaration of Independence and now is ready to expand its territory through the use of any means. There is no question that we are facing World War. Like there is no question that those responsible remain well hidden and out of the spotlight. The conspiracy is not a theory. 9/11 should be revisited. How could anyone still believe the story of Osama Bin Laden?

theflyonthewall commented on Wednesday, Aug 06, 2014 at 19:45 PM

The aggressive and accelerated Israeli settlement of the East Bank has largely eliminated the two state solution. The three kilometer security zone around the Gaza Strip will also serve to reduce the land held by Palestinians and how many more Hamas converts have been spawned from this latest "war." We should run from this debacle and not give any further aid to the Israeli war machine. A pox on both houses.

22 commented on Thursday, Aug 07, 2014 at 09:33 AM

Wavwettore and Fly, The Hamas's organization is committed to destroying you too.

theflyonthewall commented on Thursday, Aug 07, 2014 at 09:59 AM

The conflict in Israel has very little to do with US interests or US security. The fact that our support for Israel cannot be questioned has everything to do with AIPAC and the moral cowardice of those we elect to serve the interests of this country.

Bryant commented on Thursday, Aug 07, 2014 at 12:10 PM

wave, I would like to visit your planet some day.

22 commented on Thursday, Aug 07, 2014 at 15:07 PM

Fly, the conflict in Israel has a very real and direct impact on us the USA. An impact in our security being a big part of this. I think of China, Russia, Iran, the issues here in the Middle East will effect every country state and republics security. But most of all ours I feel. Which brings me back to China, Russia etc. The economic impact could be staggering atop of our already poor economic growth. In short...

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