Immigration Dilemma
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Immigration Dilemma

Holli Deal described the dilemma we face trying to solve this latest immigration crisis involving children. She offered no solution because it can only be solved by the least of many painful alternatives.

El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala where these children are coming from have been run by (Communist Socialists) sense the 1980’s. Daniel Ortega took over Nicaragua in 1979 and, as a leader of the Sandinistas (Communists), was closely allied with Castro. He spread the Communist ideology throughout Central America. President Reagan tried to eliminate the Sandinistas by supporting the Contra Freedom Fighters. This is what Iran- Contra was all about. Reagan foresaw the misery that the Sandinistas would bring if they won the struggle against the Contras. This misery is what is driving these children to our southern border.

So how do we solve it? I rarely believe anything President Obama says, but, he was right when he said”The Iraqis had to fight for their freedom against ISIS, that the United States could not do it for them”. The people of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala must fight for their freedom from these thugs, thieves, and murders that are the Communists who run these countries. The Communists have aligned themselves with the drug dealers, gangs, and human traffickers because that is the major economic input to the government along with American foreign aid that the Communists steal from the people.

I disagreed with many things President Bush said, but, he was right when he said shortly after 9-11 to the nations of the world “You are either with us or against us”.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must choose which side you want to be on, the side for good in this world or the side for evil in this world. Some make this choice when they are young and confront the bully on the school playground, others when they are adults and confront the cheat or the thief. Still others can never bring themselves to confront evil. Despite what some say about our country, the United States has and should always stand for what is good in the world.

So how does all of this solve our immigration problem? We should cut off all financial support to these three countries governments. They are the problem. They have taken the side of evil for their own personal gain. We should tell all opposition groups that we support them in their struggle to free themselves from the tyranny they have faced for decades. We should provide hope that if they stand up against this evil in their countries, we will stand with them and support them. These governments have no legitimacy after the way they have treated their own people. This is the only solution and lasting solution to our immigration problem.

P.S. With the present government in Mexico, I would include them too.

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22 commented on Monday, Aug 04, 2014 at 16:18 PM

These children are crossing under the direction and force of others. There are countless videos on the web with Al-Qaeda "leaders" proclaiming how they will send anthrax across and under the US-Mexican border. I hope the children can find love here for what ever amount of time. There is much sad truth in the many painful alternatives. But this pain is miniscule compared to the wishes of our enemies who school there children to hate.

Regional commented on Monday, Aug 04, 2014 at 20:33 PM

Ironside, Ironside, Ironside...will you quit frothing at the mouth about 'Communist' conspiracies" and think about what the real answer might be here?????

Why are these people sending their children here? Well, first and foremost it is because they have heard, as have almost every other nations people, that our nation's Statue of Liberty proclaims. I'm sure you are familiar with it, Ironsides.

The Statue of Liberty inscription reads: "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless,Tempest-tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Why else are they coming here? Well, my friend, the United States government has already deported over 100,000 criminals, and violent criminals at that, back to their Central American homelands.

They, have unleashed another wave of violent crime in those countries. United Nations' statistics show that these countries have becoming some of the most dangerous in the world. Yes, the parents of many of these children are scared stiff.

In fact, a recent report by the UNHCR entitled "Children on the Run" stated very clearly that these children are indeed refugees and would be in "extreme danger" if returned to their countries.

It seems these Central American gangs have been targeting young children, especially females, in their attacks, not only murdering them but prostituting them and more.

So, I ask, if you were there, and your children were being targeted, wouldnt you be willing to send them to what many people in other nations believe to be the only truly safe place in the Western Hemisphere?? I believe you would!

Are there children being sent across for other reasons? I'm sure there are. Am I worried about the influx of all these juvenile refugees and the effect/affect their presence may have on our nations and our states already stretched thin welfare and assistance budgets? Yes, I am.

Do I see this as a new assault on America launches by Islamic Jihadist organizations? No! Is there a possibility that individual children may be sent over with some nefarious instructions to carry out against our country?

Yes, and I suspect many of those enter legally with all the appropriate paperwork and lots of money so they can blend right in with our very diverse populations and then begin their plans....if they exist, and if they have them.

Personally, I don't think these children are comin g here for any reason other than desperation and they have been for decades, my friends, just with their entire families and not in such away to attract the attention of the press....which is incredibly short-sighted and a big fish chasing schools of smaller fish.

Those schools, "22" are the only ones involved here...

22 commented on Tuesday, Aug 05, 2014 at 17:08 PM

Definitely not a new assault. I know many Central American families who do "school" in love, more so than hate. Believing what you've said to be true of the ones involved here. Is exactly why I feel these children are crossing under the direction and force of others. Even a mama cow will follow her calf across a river. Abandoning children against such odds is NOT among the actions of the Central American people I know.

Passinthru commented on Tuesday, Aug 05, 2014 at 18:17 PM

Ironside has it right when he says that the South American countries that are causing this problem have the responsibility to clean up their own homelands.

The people of these countries cannot be allowed to deny their obligation to the children that they have chosen to bring into the world by dumping them on America’s doorstep in the expectation that, under pressure of compassion, strangers will take over their parental responsibilities.

If America does not make this clear by sending all of these people back to their home countries then there is nothing to stop this flood of illegal aliens from becoming a deluge that could overwhelm this country.

Scindapsus commented on Tuesday, Aug 05, 2014 at 21:34 PM

When the hordes of other lands are permitted to come here, as is the case daily; when ignorance, poverty, crime is allowed to land upon our shores and be transformed, hardly without ceremony, and with no time to learn the nature of our institutions, into what is called the “American’ citizens-when these things are done, it is time that good men lifted their arms and sounded their voices against the abomination.

They are coming in such numbers and we are unable adequately to take care of them…It simply amounts to unrestricted and indiscriminate dumping into this country of people of every character and description…If there were in existence a ship that could hold three million human beings, then three million Jews of Poland would board to escape to America.

Scindapsus commented on Wednesday, Aug 06, 2014 at 13:23 PM

Oops, I neglected to include the sources of those quotes!

First quote: The Know-Nothing: And American Crusader, published by the Nativist Press, 15 July 1854

Second quote: Report of the U.S. House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization (accompanying H.R. 14461), 6 December 1920

Bryant commented on Thursday, Aug 07, 2014 at 12:07 PM

"If you are not with us, you are against us" is probably one of the stupidest, ethnocentric, jingoistic quotes ever.

Even if you are my friend, or I yours, I will never agree with you all the time. Nor will I "be with you" if you are wrong in my opinion.

22 commented on Friday, Aug 08, 2014 at 09:00 AM

I'm not sure but I think Jesus coined that one Bryant..

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