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That all you here these days,talk,talk,talk.Nobody want to listen.It take a magician to get a teenager attention now days. i have two teenager boy and a girl,and they don't want to do nothin. I told my son a job is not going to fall on your lap,you got to go out there and get it,you got to keep on your toes, stay sharp,stop making excuse and you are alway talking all time, can't get a word in,you keep talking so much,your tongue is going to get sunburn.My son is like beating a dead horse, he got no get up and go.and this daughter of my alway on phone, or crying about not having a man.Listen girl you going about it all wrong, you can't keep hitting him on the head everytime you get mad,that come later,if girls keep doing that,we have a nation of lump head.what you want do is show him this casaba Mellon,don't let him have it, you got tease him a little bit, make him want take it. Is any of this getting to that little head of your.this girl got a mind like a steel trap full of mice and nutty as fruit cake.Are teenager listening you just sit there and do nothin,it's simple mathematic,you can argue with me,but you can't argue with figures,two half nothing is a whole nothing,nothin bring about nothin.are you listening, these kids are like tatto they get under your skin.

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