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The current administration in Georgia is all about gaming the system. Complete College Georgia is all about gaming the system.It's all about the money.And Complete College Georgia is no different than a host of state enterprises that now languish because legislators lack the courage to ask for a tax increase.Complete College Georgia is all about receiving federal funds. So all of those who rail against the Feds also have open palms to receive federal largesse.Even a cursory review of the scam would reveal that the entire scheme has precious little to with anything to do with education , or logic or how we have traditionally defined a college education. Proponents are quick to cite the data. The entire charade is driven by "metrics" ,but anyone who has attended a college of note quickly comes to the conclusion that the entire enterprise is riddled with glaring fallacies and that the available data has been generated by Complete College Georgia without outside review.The incest inherent in all of this conjures up memories of every bad joke that has ever been levied against the southern gene pool.

As a part of this grand design, remedial education has been eliminated by fiat so now all remedial students are incredibly bright and require only "just-in -time" tutoring. Just in time for what would be the essential question- just in time to pass the oh- so - easy test that measures not much of anything?Or would it it be just in time to join the ranks of the undereducated unemployed?In Lake Wobegone ,which seems to include Georgia and any of the other hapless states to sign onto this educational shell game :every one is above average and we have the "data" to prove it.

The innovation continues. Colleges will be funded on retention and as a direct consequence will retain students who should fail. Pass rates will be scrutinized because it is a given that students are " incredibly bright" and burning with the thirst for knowledge.Outcome based education will ensure that each student achieves predetermined outcomes for each class no matter how rudimentary they may be and despite any vestigial memories of what a bona fide college education might be.

Higher education in this state or any that state that has succumbed to the snake oil peddled by Bill and Melinda Gates or the Lumina Foundation or a host of other self - serving organizations or financial interests is in jeopardy. As of this writing the electorate is sound asleep gulled by the slick marketing that is so much of the sales patter of an essentially gutless or clueless political class. When it does become apparent to voters that they really cannot have something for nothing, wasted years will have passed and a college degree will have suffered the same dimunition as a high school diploma -- and all of this for nothing.

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Regional commented on Friday, Jul 04, 2014 at 11:13 AM

Part of this Complete College Initiative is the College Access Grant program. Its target populations, or those it intends to serve, are both "P-12 students who are underrepresented in post-secondary education and their families (and) low-income adults at risk of not completing college."

Commendable idea, for sure, but maybe not easily achieved, to say the least. I must ask one question right off the bat, because it seems to have become politically correct to make sure everyone gets some sort of college degree these days no matter whether or not they ever intend to do anything with it.

Come on, there are all kinds of "collars" in the American workforce: white collar, and blue collar being the most familiar. Liberal Arts training works for some, and Technical Arts work for many others. There are, however, some skills currently used by employees that don't require nor need college training.

Doesnt it make more sense to spend the time and energy here to get these people into good-paying jobs where they will remain gainfully employed? Doesn't that make more sense to me than sticking them in some college which they will find later has been a whole and complete and utter waste of their time?

Lets get real. College, whatever sort, is not for everyone! It is certainly not the American dream. Working and building a better life for yourself IS the American dream.

Well, to continue with my concerns here, in reading the College Access Grant information I immediately become alarmed at the number one goal: "To increase the number of underrepresented students who graduate from Georgia high schools academically ready, informed about, supported for, and motivated for post-secondary education"

Why does this bother me? Because it should be obvious to everyone who has ever been our high schools that there are many students who have NO interest in anything even closely resembling further education. Graduate them, yes, but not by "dumbing it down."

Then, when I look at goal number two, I get further concerned, for it says "To increase the number of underrepresented students graduating from Georgia high schools who successfully transition into, persist in, and complete post-secondary education."

Why does this concern me? Simple! Because it is not just trying to get these "underrepresented" populations into colleges, but it seems to insinuate that colleges will be encouraged to do whatever necessary to keep these students there once they arrive.

Finally, let me state I am wholly in favor of helping adults of all makes and models finishing their college degrees if they have expended the effort to show that they want them.

theflyonthewall commented on Friday, Jul 04, 2014 at 16:54 PM

The entire enterprise may be defined as cynicism wrapped in the trappings of idealism. College is a cash cow ,and that is really what matters. Proponents of this folly are really not as foolish as they appear to be.

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