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President Obama recently requested five hundred million dollars in aid to the Syrian rebels in order to end the fighting and to bring both sides to the negotiating table. The problem with this as even a quickie Wikipedia search will reveal is that the opposition is made up of a bewildering array of factions, of groups and subgroups which form and reform,sometimes fighting Assad,sometimes fighting each other,sometimes fighting the Kurds, and sometimes reverting to brigandage for fun and profit. All of the groups are irregulars with a scant sense of military conduct or , for some, an awareness of such niceties as the Geneva Convention. A considerable number of rebels are not Syrians at all but off scouring of Europe, Canada, and the United States. Who are we to assist?

ISIS is a creature of our meddling. We have not armed them directly or knowingly ,but much of the aid we have already granted some of the rebels has had a curious way of turning up in the hands of ISIS. We have also turned a blind eye to meddling from our good allies Quatar and Saudi Arabia, both in themselves bastions of democracy. So we will be giving even more money to militias that we will most probably fighting Iraq.

Isn't time for a rethink? It's clear that we have no understanding to the Middle East or the dynamics of the turmoil in Syria in Iraq. Think about what Detroit or even Statesboro, for example, could do with an extra five hundred mil?

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Regional commented on Friday, Jun 27, 2014 at 10:05 AM

good points my friend...whats even worse is in Iraq, as in many other places, when we do provide millions of dollars in arms it ends up running into billions and sometimes nearly trillions of dollars of aid...almost all of which is military weaponry.....

even worse, as is once again being proven to be true, when the gutless bastards we support turn tail and run like cowards at the first sign of trouble they almost always leave behind everything we have given them to be able to at the very least put up a good defense with...

and this weaponry in iraq, in addition to being paraded around by ISIS or ISIL or whatever else you may care to call it is being shipped back and forth across the porous borders, if they can even be called that, between syria and iraq to be used in both conflicts...

as i said in my earlier posts.....stop wasting american lives and american equipment and american money in conflicts where there are no real sides and ro real rules...spend the money rebuilding our cities which are going bankrupt for lack of federal monies....and oh, yes...spend the money rebuilding the american military...which has seen its maintenance and replacement budgets diverted to all these foreign conflicts

and when a real threat to our nation arrives not only will be much better prepared to fight it but we, the american people, will actually all be willing to get behind the american governments decisions...

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