A War for Peace
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Since the end of WW II, the US has been at war. The few islands of peace are islands of peace in a sea of conflict. And what have we gained? North Korea will collapse under its own weight without out our assistance.Viet Nam is an implacable foe of China and thoroughly capitalist.
The "loss of China" has created a capitalist juggernaut posed to overtake the US as the world's largest economy. The overthrow of democratically elected Mossadegh in Iran led to the excesses of the shah and ultimately to an Iran which has been named as a principal member of "the axis of evil." Libya has been ripped asunder. Afghanistan remains mired in medieval barbarism.And Iraq will soon dissolve into chaos as a direct consequence of our "nation building."We are hated abroad and fearful at home.

The US has been hemmoraging its substance for decades, and we now find ourselves in the same position that the British found themselves after the Suez Crisis. Quite simply we cannot afford the international role that we have assumed. We are now faced with a defining moment in our history. Will we vote for the US that we have known or will we sacrifice the American Dream,our civil liberties, the future for our children for the dubious honor of being the world's policeman?

Much has been made of American exceptionalism ,but if we are to lay claim to to such an exceptionalism, we must be exceptional. The America that the rest of the world sees is represented by corporate overreaching, by the World Bank that serves the interests of bankers above the putative humanitarian interests of that institution, and by an arrogance resembling some of the worst excesses of the colonial powers. We do not need antiseptic drone warfare. We do need no fly zones.War is not a video game.What we do need is thoughtful reflection,and a great distancing from policies that are
corrosive to our souls. Let us lead by example. Let us rebuild the nation.

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Passinthru commented on Saturday, Jun 28, 2014 at 15:22 PM

“Iraq will soon dissolve into chaos as a direct consequence of our "nation building”

Maybe not so much the nation building but, to continue with your metaphor, the foundations were not allowed long enough to set before the footings were removed.

Obamas premature pullout of US security forces left the new Iraq wobbly and unsafe, almost sure to collapse at the first sign of pressure.

“Let us lead by example. Let us rebuild the nation”

I’m all for it, but first we need a more capable Foreman in charge.

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