It's All About Gene Lyons
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I had the lack of pleasure of reading Gene Lyon's column today,and recently read another of his column's in our local paper. I don't usually like to post about politics because people get mean and don't know how to have a civil discussion about the issues anymore. But I can't let this one slide by un-adressed.

If the accusations and twisting of truth were not so serious, I would actually have found Gene's column humorous today. The content was so outlandish it was almost laughable. The Heading alone for the article does what he clearly doesn't like done to "his" party... "Far Right Demonizes Dems". Before he even put the pen to the column, he demonized the right in his heading.

I am a believer in allowing others to have their opinions and beliefs; whether I agree with them or not. I don't have to agree...I can hold my own opinion, and that is perfectly okay. They too can hold their own opinion. We can agree to disagree respectfully. I guess there aren't many of us around anymore who live that way though. In today's world it has become almost a crime to disagree with someone. If you disagree then you are labeled a "hater" or "racist" or a demonizer".

Let me give an example of how wrong this is. There is one gentleman with whom I frequently get into very deep discussions with about political issues. Very often we do not agree on things. But he is always respectful and we have great conversations. Sometimes I can see his point and I learn something valuable, and sometimes he sees my point and agrees that he may have to re-examine that one. We have never walked away angry or labeled each other in a negative fashion after a discussion. We agree to disagree and we respect each others right to have a differing view. This man also just happens to be my dad. We love each other deeply no matter whether we stand on opposite sides of an issue or see things a little differently.

So for me at least, this demonstrates that we are very capable of respecting others opinions and having discussion without getting mean and nasty. It's a choice we make. However, it seems that with every column Gene Lyon's writes, the nastiness spews out. He clearly doesn't like much of anything conservatives say...but he feels completely justified in calling them names (like nutball)and using strong language like hysteria(I didn't read any points he posted that I really felt came from hysteria) and he didn't even have the facts right about the Bundy situation, or the Miller's who killed two people in Vegas. (They were actually asked to leave the Bundy property when they were protesting because they didn't share the same views on the situation. They were not part of that group of people as Gene would like to claim)

In a time when our country desperately needs unity, we continue to allow divisive people like Mr. Lyon's to publish garbage that only seeks to further divide and create anger between people. Mr. McCarthy (another columnist) and I have had some great dialogue. He is also a democrat, but he knows how to write with some respect and hold a conversation on differing issues while never being ugly.

We can point fingers back and forth all day long and it will resolve absolutely nothing. Until we all decide to put the in house football game aside, (by that I mean we have merely taken sides and are blindly rooting for "our team") and look carefully at what is really best for America as a whole, we will not make any positive progress on any issue.

If any of you have ever tried to have a conversation with Mr. Lyon's, you have probably also found that he is very defensive and sarcastic. Actually, he comes across with quite a bit of arrogance. Hence my title "It's All About Gene". It shouldn't be about any of us who write. It should always be about speaking truth and finding the best solutions for Americans...ALL Americans. I guess that would be a good lead for another blog. :-)

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Passinthru commented on Saturday, Jun 14, 2014 at 09:13 AM

Susan thanks for putting into words my feelings after I read the article. It was not a legitimate editorial opinion but an attempt to create hatred, at whatever cost, against Americans holding a political viewpoint that the author was not in agreement with.

Though I expect the majority of Herald readers will see through this example of garbage journalism and warped facts, it would be to the advantage of all if Lyons were replaced by someone who, at least, based his opinions upon reality.

Charles_and_Angie_Howell commented on Saturday, Jun 14, 2014 at 09:38 AM

For what it is worth, I first read Gene Lyons when I was stationed at Little Rock AFB from 1985-1990. He wrote for the Arkansas Gazette I think, when it was a separate publication from the Arkansas Democrat.

I rarely read the Gazette BECAUSE Gene Lyons was such a unspeakably arrogant, unapproachable close-minded.... donkey!

Regional commented on Monday, Jun 16, 2014 at 10:32 AM

i have responded directly to gene, as i do/have done with many of the national columnists i read in the newspapers i without sharing my response to him let me simply say his editorial comment was rambling and very poorly organized and seemingly indecisive in its purpose, which unfortunately is what many of his other editorial comments are liked.....and honestly not worth the effort being expended here

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