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Being lazy tip No. 1: Make 'em laugh

Whether instigated by jokes, amusing stories or even recommended doses of quirky behavior, the onset of laughter is restorative. Delivery is the most significant thing. If you observe the world around you and don't take yourself too seriously, proper delivery can make even relatively mundane statements into laughter popcorn. Make yourself and someone else smile. It doesn't cost a thing.

Do not forget about new things

Even if you watch simply for personal enjoyment, pay attention to the activities of others, activities with which you are not familiar. Rock climbing, Euclidean geometry or playing the piano is all activities that could be fun to view, depending upon your personal proclivities. You do not have to run off and take costly lessons. Be content with observing the pursuits, soaking it in. Pursuing them yourself is for another day and another time.

Watch all the creatures

You could end up really happy just by listening and observing the insects, reptiles and creatures around you. Listen to the noises that they give, particularly in the mornings and evenings.

The park for you

Think Chicago was not telling the truth when it sang about all the good things to do on a Saturday in the park? Think again. A free public park is an excellent summertime destination for sitting back and catching some rays. Bring a chair, or a towel. If you're going to be there at lunchtime, bring lunch with you and enjoy it there.

Go to the garden

Most towns have community flower gardens or greenhouses that you can get in to without having to pay some sort of fee. It is ideal for walking around the facilities and enjoying yourself among nature.

Cloud enjoyment

If you want to, you can do this while at the park, or you can do it on a separate outing. Go withfriends and family, or you can do it alone, and look at the clouds. Classify them or simply identify the shapes you seeing if you do not know the different cloud types.

Being lazy tip No. 7: Read for pleasure

You can get a magazine or long pamphlet to read if you do not like books, but getting an excellent book and sitting down with it is good. It is much better than watching television and is good for your mind.

Pictures around you

Keep your mind active by looking at old photographs. You can remember the stories related to the photos and get personal enjoyment out of it.

Sports available

Balance your life out rather than always trying to work. You do not have to go as far as benign productive by playing some sort of sport. Instead, you need to just watch the sport for just a little while. Watching the game can help you relax and enjoy yourself some more.

Use the free time you have

You can hold off on all your work by going on a little walk in the evening or by taking off your shoes and feeling the sand between your toes. There are rivers and oceans around or even walking trails you can go on.



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