Breast Feeding Not in Public
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You give them a inch they take arm , a woman and her baby came in the store ,I ask do you need any help ,she said no just looking ,her baby started crying ,do you need any duck tape ,no he just hungry ,I'm hungry to you don't see me crying,at lease not on the outside,is it okay if I feed him ,sure go ahead ,just kidding ,why your add it throw something on for me ,she turn around ,I said what in Sam Hill are you doing ,I'm breast feeding ,but why ,because he can't cook,beside you just told me it alright if I fed him,I mean give something health like a orange,you going to have to shut that thing off and move on down the road ,Breast feeding is a natural biological function ,so is peeing you don't see me do that in public,believe me you haven't hear the last of this.So much for milk doing the body good,What is this country coming to,when a woman of the opposite sex just come in place of bussiness your holy sanctuary bear her breast that disgusting that repulsive ,mark my word you will not win this one,men rally around me,they see the righteous of my cause,we will fight .

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momof2gr8grlz commented on Thursday, Mar 20, 2014 at 09:05 AM

You are an idiot! That is all I can come up with to respond to this nonsense!

terryterry2 commented on Monday, Mar 24, 2014 at 14:07 PM

I second that !!! Please seek help..

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