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So i had a stomach virus,i was sick.I didn't know what to do,i couldn't walk,so i call the ambulance,i call i told them i'll be some where laying on the side walk.So i finally get to the hospital.The first thing they ask me was,what seem to be the problem,well its seem that my inside want to come out,but i'm no doctor.So they check me in this half room with the patient on the other side,he was moaning loud, so i said their not going to help me with this guy moaning like that,so i try to out moan him,next thing i know the whole floor started moaning,i said shut up their going to help you.So i was laying their killing time,the nurse come in.How are you doing, well i'm on a bed do you have a pain killer,this pain is killing me.How do you describes your pain,its killing me,i don't know if you remember that,horrendous,ouch.How do you rate your pain,four star,two enthusiastic thumbs up.How do you rate your pain from one two ten,and one being the lowest.Well a low number is not going to help me,well a one or two or maybe a high one, how about you cut a baby aspirin in half or a flint stone vitamin,so i can be out of your hair.So you can attend two the threes & fours.I guess you got to break a bone to get attention.Hospital care is poor these days.

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