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How the Democrats Could’ve Won the Next Election –
Brooklet Correspondents

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I am not going to harp on all the trouble with the ObamaCare websites, or lost insurance policies, or none of that other stuff. I’m going to try to map out how to lose an advantage, or not lose an advantage. Let’s go back to late September and the first half of Oct…..

Remember when the Republican majority in the House stamped their feet and said NO – they would not fund the government unless ObamaCare was defunded. Then, they backed off and wanted ObamaCare delayed one year. Remember how the President and Congressional Democrats stood firm and held their ground until the Republicans caved in. And everyone on the Left was thinking, “Well played, Mr. President, well played…”

Well, not really. Now we all know that the ObamaCare website is broke almost beyond repair, that it’s NOT secure, and that pitifully few folks have signed up (assuming you actually got on the site)… now that we know all this, I am wondering WTH the President was thinking when he “stood his ground.” We are now learning that the President, Cabinet, and other people involved in ObamaCare knew (KNEW!) the website had M-A-J-O-R issues. He defended what – a not-ready-to-release website pushing products no one wants while simultaneously killing off other, valid insurance policies that people wanted to keep? Bad move all the way around…

If I was President, here’s what Charlie would have done….

Knowing that my website didn’t work (for now I will let the other stuff pass as just poor planning), I would have been sweating bullets that on Oct 1 my clunker of a program would be revealed as the greatest failure since… I don’t know... Geraldo revealing Al Capone’s vault. And then… then… just when I needed it, Congress would save me! They would create this budget crisis. They would threaten to defund my program. Ehhh… No. Then in an act of desperation they would offer to fund the government IF… I agreed to delay the launch of my healthcare program for a whole YEAR!!!!

Oh,boy! Oh,boy! Oh,boy! Oh,boy!

My public appeal would have been Oscar worthy... Please please guys. Fund the government. Let these people go back to work. Open the parks. Good grief, if it means all that … yes, I will delay ObamaCare.

My private conversation would have been, “OH THANK YOU Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! That site was NOT ready and we have another year to get this right. Listen you bozos – go test the website, double check the security and let’s get the insurers onboard so all this works smoothly…next year.”

In one fell swoop I would have, in the eyes of the public, beat the Republican Congress by humbly sacrificing my program for the sake of the nation… - all the while knowing that their ill-timed budget crisis bought time for me to fix my broken program.

But, that ain’t what happened. And next November, the political blood will run in the streets as (I believe) the American people will toss out the dumb as rocks Republicans who can’t seem to get a foothold to overcome Democrats in the Senate or on Main St and the dumber than rocks Democrats who follow this President.

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