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That the class i got to take,just because i choose to speak my mind.I work at Kmart in the sporting good section a fat man godzilla his way into the store today ask what he could were to walk in the woods Jokingly i suggest he wear a sign don't shoot from the front i look human and you would think he would take a little good humor teeing but what does he do complain to the manger who give him a gift certificate for $200 worth of free clothes and told me that i had to take a class on politically correct behavior and a $200 fine, he said i had to many complain about my behavior.So what does that got to do with obnoxious fat people.Today obese people feel that they have a right to be heavy and don't want to be insulted. So some moo cow thunder in here with a pie in each chin i'm not suppose to ask is that the star spangle banner she belching so i know when to sit or stand.All i'm saying is you must learn how to treat people the same,everyone,everyone even midgets,everyone.What is this world coming to, when you can't speak your mind.You got to write to the the organization of ball people,for permission to to call them crone dome or you got write to the fatso society for permission to assign them zipcode to each thigh.What happen to american i useto know when hard working people speak their mind,who didn't care about political correctness were is our American.

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