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My nephew got mugged and got Beatup so he said that he had a plan he was going to take up Karate so i went down their with my nephew and talk to the instructor my nephew introduce us he said his name was gus so how do i know that your qualify eat a table run through a tree do something he said don't worry i'm qualify i'm a fifth degree black belt yeah and if you mess with those muggers you are going to need all five of those belts to lower you into the ground he said Karate is the oldest form of selfdefense known to anin't older than running what that word again Karate he said yeah that a old japanis word mean empty hand well you got a better chance with filling that empty hand with a 38 caliber smith and wesson well goose let me ask you something did you ever use that stuff in real fighting he said no but i have seen men get their arm and their legs even their heads busted in tournament oh but you don't need Karate for that i can see that anytime outside in front of pool hall my nephew said i don't think you understand Karate is full proof i said yeah your the fool and those muggers are the proof.The instructor said their and ancient saying if their a opponent more skillful stronger than your self and can't find a way to defeat him you must learn to die well i told my nephew you here that die well the instructor said don't worry i'll make sure he master Karate yeah right i'll believe he need to learn Gun fu

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