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If you are looking to find some hope for the human condition, find Sweet Lorraine: the documentary on Youtube. Fly

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Ballot Coaching
October 31, 2014
The polling place is ideally a neutral forum, free of political coercion and proselytizing. Indeed, large placards in front of every polling place suggest that politicking is not to be tolerated in the immediate. vicinity of any polling place. But Georgia is notorious for ballot coaching. Every Georgia ballot seems ...
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Wisdom from The Funny Pages
October 13, 2014
The venerable comic strip Pogo once made the telling observation that "We have met the enemy ,and it is us." No truer words have been spoken. So now after the turn of a new century, we are faced with a stagnant economy and a declining standard of living, the result ...
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Gaming The System
July 03, 2014
The current administration in Georgia is all about gaming the system. Complete College Georgia is all about gaming the system.It's all about the money.And Complete College Georgia is no different than a host of state enterprises that now languish because legislators lack the courage to ask for a tax increase.Complete ...
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Fun With Numbers
June 30, 2014
News reports glibly assert that ISIS fields 10,000 men. How is it that such a small force can sweep away the Iraq army, fight Peshmerga, and resist Assad loyalists all at the same time? My inference would be that the number so avidly reported is utter nonsense, a relatively small ...
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Good Money After Bad
June 26, 2014
President Obama recently requested five hundred million dollars in aid to the Syrian rebels in order to end the fighting and to bring both sides to the negotiating table. The problem with this as even a quickie Wikipedia search will reveal is that the opposition is made up of a ...
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