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Since we now live in the great age of cr..p, it has now become essential to know how to evaluate c..p accurately. Quite frankly not all cr..p is created equal. Is it mildly offensive poo or is it ordure? Is it an isolated deposit or the " gift " that keeps on giving? Definitions are essential.

After defining the terms and understanding that cr..production comes from many sources, it is then important to assess the origins of the most significant sources of cr..p. In order to do this we must determine the APPC ( Average Propensity to Produce Cr..p). This often becomes problematic because many evaluators are themselves full of cr..p.We must be willing to accept a rather large probability or error in order to produce a robust analysis.

Recognizing that cr..p is often a matter of degree, said matter must be assigned different values. For example, simple poo might be assigned the number 1 whereas ordure might be given a 2. Reeking ordure might be given a 3.

Using this simple expedient, we should be able to identify the political party, the business, the organization generating the largest volume of cr..p. With some additional tweaking, it should be possible to disaggregate the data thereby identifying individuals producing the greatest amount of poo,ordure and so on. The identification of serial poo generators would be especially important because serious poo generators could then be run out of town on a rail, burned in effigy, or failing that , voted put of office.

Help me in this noble work. How would you define poo ( the political or business variety please )?

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22 commented on Tuesday, Sep 03, 2013 at 16:54 PM

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-HARP.

Class Warfare. "oh the evil rich"

Universial Health Care.

Campianing on massive government give aways.

Adding surcharge to families making 200000 plus and so on


Al Sharpton

Excecutive order "Libya"


Timothy Geithner "tax cheat"

Operation Fast and Furious



Something about kids not being able to work there family farms...

Government owned GM

Fine the schools for saleing soda and then spend 3.40$ a can for the federal gov.

the new party and those who never belonged to the new party

"we are our brother keeper" Obama....then help your own brother!

cash for clunkers


Poo is poo however sometimes holy.

theflyonthewall commented on Tuesday, Sep 03, 2013 at 18:22 PM

Yes, you have recited the holy words.

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