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Well, I know jobs are hard to come by in our area...but 0, zero, nada,, really? Statesboro Herald, what has happened to your jobs section?

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Can you handle the truth?
January 28, 2011
Just some good thoughts that I would like to share. . .these are not my words but those of a man I know and respect (from I believe many of our local "leaders" need to pay attention!! Hope you enjoy: 'In business today, in fact everywhere, the truth is ...
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our local dragstrip
November 04, 2010
Well, here we go again! I got home from work just after 8:00 tonight after a very, very long day. I wasn't inside more than 10 minutes when the noise brought me to the window. What in God's name....sounded like a vehicle trying to blow up it's engine!! And it ...
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Republican = Christian?
November 03, 2010
Is it only me, or would anyone else have a problem with a boss telling his teenage employee that if he's a Christian, he has to vote Republican. . .that if you vote for any other party, then you're NOT a Christian!! For the record, I am a Christian (and ...
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Do you live in a "Food Desert"?
October 29, 2010
OMG. . .I just realized I live in a "Food Desert"!!! Are you kidding me??? So, the federal government wants $400 million per year for this?? I am so sick and tired of all this crap. . .they ain't getting another dime from me!! I am not affiliated with the ...
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And the winner is...
October 13, 2010
I would like to thank Meinhardt's bar for hosting the "How Loud Can You Scream" contest last night around 10:30. I believe the winner was a young male person. And he totally deserved it...he was actually louder than the car horns they were blowing!! Another fine, peaceful evening in our ...
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