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I,ve been going through hard times does any body understand no i got a letter saying this is to inform you unless over due payment of furniture is not made in 24hrs we will repossess it balance now do 321.00 skin&flint finance corporation i fleisome president they won,t give me a break for nothin i didn,t work 20yrs to pay off a visa bill creditor don,t get one penny how dare they want me to pay for five year old item if their stupid enough to give me credit let them raise the interst rate up and let the honest people pay for it that will show them.

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Thepicturetakerisback commented on Sunday, Jul 21, 2013 at 06:29 AM

Hi I hope you got your situation corrected. Here is my comment to this . Credit card or loan companies have no morals. Its sad but true and if you got a bad company or card then except this and know not to do business with them any more. Sounds like if they took it they got the raw end of the stick but credit card companies can jack your interest rate up not on just one but all your credit cards you have up to 30 %. If they are worth anything and you communicate with them they will work with you. If not well... not a judger just slighty knowledgable on the subject Lol

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