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Looking into my crystal ball, I see several growth areas.

1. Scribe: Complete College Georgia will produce an additional 250,000 graduates , but we will still need " soft " skills like reading and writing. Offshoring to educational powerhouses like India and the Philippines will serve part of this need ,but we will still need domestic scribes to serve domestic needs such as bill paying,eviction notice reading, contract reading,report card reading,transcript reading, and memo generation.

2. Translators: Spanglish, Valspeak, Textspeak, Cliche,Slackerspeak,and Ebonics speakers will be in great demand.

3. Work Coaches: After four years of easy A's, work coaches will be required to motivate workers to show up , to show on time, and to address the affective needs of employers.( Laymen often refer to this as working.)

4.Shills: As we become dumber and dumber, heroic efforts must be made to insure that voters believe that we're still number one.

5. News Babes: News Babes will require special curriculum such as D├ęcolletage and the News, Cleavage and Rhetoric, Makeup and World Conflict.

6. Number Crunchers: Since continuous assessment is essential for college success, we will need to insure that the numbers come out right.

7.Yes Men/Women: Agreement is so much easier.

8. Therapists: Teachers who believed that knowledge is important will need to be disabused of this idea.

9. Costumers: Although all costumes will be produced in China, alterations will be required due to the increasing girth of Americans and Chinese production anomalies.Look for rapid growth in patriotic costumes.

10. Manikins: Great numbers of historic manikins will be required to service the large influx of Asian tourists. Expect a burgeoning demand for manikins representing American iconography: middle class Americans ( especially the silent majority), Founding Fathers, Elvis Presley, talk show hosts, and so on.

11.Math Technicians: See scribes.

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Bryant commented on Friday, Jul 12, 2013 at 16:33 PM

Ponder, I must. New professions on the horizon I see. Must think up job descriptions.

Ironside commented on Saturday, Jul 13, 2013 at 08:51 AM

Brave New World?

theflyonthewall commented on Saturday, Jul 13, 2013 at 09:47 AM

Let's see. Entertainment is the primary occupation of many young scamps. Soma will be legalized any day now, and we have evolved past the need for Episolons since workers are either imported or work is exported. I think Huxley would be proud.

Educational " reformers" have an impressive command of Newspeak .so I think Orwell would be proud as well.

Lord of the Flies?

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