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I told my girl freind that i,m going to start farming out in the open air working with the land growing stuff and eating its i,m going to grow me bean tomates potates ham corn fish grapes and those litte shrimps that i like and a lot of other stuff all you need for farming is the right tools and a farmer states of mind and farmers eddy almanac lets see what eddy got to say this morning plant in the morning vegetable are boring well that something to think about soon we will have a bountyful harvest and my girlfreind will be cooking and a canning and a serving and i,ll be eating and a belching and a purhing its been a long time i been this happpy my girlfreind said get a job working in my backyard is not a job your wrong planting take a lot of hard work i told her well lets see what farmers eddy almanac got to say sow in summer weep in fall buried your girlfreind went the wheat get tall i,m sorry that the charter on tater in love my girlfreind said well does it say anything like plant your barley plant your rye get a job before you die i said no its does,nt not your confuseing this book with the useless girlfreind almanac and farming is a job

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Dixie2 commented on Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Farming takes courage, determination, practical skills, and a love of the land, among other things.
Good luck on your endeavor, should you decide to go ahead and make an earnest effort farming..maybe later , you might want to take on a part time job. Hopefully, your girlfriend will eventually give you encouragement and praise.

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