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Until you bring meals to the least-fortunate members of the community, you can't begin to believe the effect this small token of love brings about. Truly, the poor, elderly, and those with mental disorders are grateful to receive these meals.
First the carrot, now the stick....
Let's be honest, your meals represent you as a community group or church. When one week these people get a sandwich, chips, and half a banana and the next week a plate of barbeque, baked beans, coleslaw, an apple or orange chips and a cup of yogurt, they get the impression that YOU DON'T LIKE THEM and the other group does.
Now at this point in reading, you're saying, "Beggers can't be choosers!" You are correct. On the other hand, some meals are grilled hotdogs, or a plate of spagetti, even a bowl of actual soup. Now before you blow your top at the audacity of your humble writer suggesting "bigger spending" to earn the love of those you help, give me one more paragraph of your time....
The next time you are going to prepare a meal for those little able to take care of themselves, do this: Say to yourself "I'm fixing lunch for Jesus." OR how about, "This meal is for my grandchild and grandfather." That's all I'm asking of you. When your group sees they are scheduled for next week, ask yourself if you're cutting corners to save time and or money. These people wait eagerly each week to see what God's people are bringing to their door, and yes, they don't think you like them when you go the easy route.
As a final note, and one that takes up a paragraph more than I asked of you, I would ask only this (no matter what food you bring):
PLEASE, Please, stop and say "Hello" to these people as you pass them a meal. You LITERALLY may be the only person they've spoken to in a week! "Whatsoever you do, to the least of my people, that you do unto Me!"

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