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In a recent New Paper Article, it was determined that it would cost too much for King America Finishing (KAF) to properly dispose of their toxic waste, so they have been dumping it down the Ogeechee River for a long time at no cost to them.

The article went on to say, it would cost KAF $60 million to set up and another $18 million a year to operate.
They (KAF) pay a measly $100K a year in property tax to Screven County.
This is very advantageous to them, because they can dump their poison in the river for a bargain.

Screven County doesn't care, because they are collecting their $100K a year, and the toxic waste is out of their county in approximately 2 miles of river. Their citizens are happy. They have a clean river to swim, fish, and recreate.

Citizens of Bulloch, Effingham, Bryan, and Chatham Counties are demanding their property taxes be lowered, as this river is lowering their property value.

Since KAF is getting such a bargain by pumping it's toxic waste through your county, at absolutely no charge, I recommend that Bulloch County cash in on some of KAF's huge savings.

They are saving $60,000,000 in set up and $18,000,000 in yearly operation (to dispose of this waste correctly)…

Shouldn't our county reap some of that windfall?

A mere $2,000,000 a year (per county) would make a difference for each of our counties, and would still be a huge savings for KAF.

The County Commissioners of Bulloch, Effingham, Bryan, and Chatham are being treated like suckers by this company (KAF) and the County of Screven.

Make them pay to poison your county ! What is the price?

Call your county commissioner ... Let them know your thoughts on this !!!

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wildturkey commented on Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 at 20:35 PM

i prefer they just stop polluting the river. i dont need the money that bad...

dirtroadlady commented on Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 at 22:34 PM

im with ya on that turkey-

OldBlue commented on Friday, Mar 29, 2013 at 16:39 PM

EPD: Draft Permit for King America was Studied Thoroughly, Discharge is Safe
By JoAnn Merrigan - email

Georgia's Environmental Protection Division (EPD) doesn't always get high marks from the public. That might be especially true for folks who live along the Ogeechee River. But EPD's Assistant Director Jim Ussery says in the past two years, since the largest fish kill in state history was discovered, that his agency has had the health of the river in mi
While Ussery says the number one priority is that the discharge must meet water quality standards, he also told me that "the value that the company brings in terms of jobs and economic development to the community is certainly considered as part of the evaluation."
Still, Ussery says what people should know is that the draft permit calls for stringent limits on substances like formaldehyde in the discharge as well as a long list of monitoring requirements. "This discharge has been subject to over 500 toxicity tests since July of 2011, that's just unprecedented," Ussery said. "It's heavily monitored now. And there's additional monitoring in the new permit as well. And so we absolutely know the discharge is safe."
Ussery also said the new permit will require a third party to monitor water testing done by the plant and the state. He says results of that third party will be posted online for the public to view. He told me the draft permit calls for daily monitoring in some areas and when it comes to PH levels in the water, "continuous monitoring." There will also be an alarm system that sounds if the PH level for example, goes too high.
"We did a thorough review of the initial permit, we talked to lots of people and got their input," he says. "The Federal EPA has reviewed the permit and is satisfied this is a good permit that protects water quality."
Full Report at:

Climegeist commented on Sunday, Mar 31, 2013 at 13:06 PM

Just to be clear, there were 2 fish kills, not just one.

When the first one happened, the EPD didn't even bother to let the public know about the first kill several days after it happened. I found out when friends went out to go paddling and they told me everything was dead and had to wait a few days to read a news story about it.

Later, when the second one happened and killed many of the fish the EPD added to the Ogeechee with tax payer money, the EPD said it was because of "environmental conditions" despite an aerial photo showing concentrations of something pink flowing south from the carpet plant.

It is completely fair to ask for compensation in this case. The EPD and regulations were set up to avoid exactly this type of legal storm ever time something like this happens. The enforcement of the basic principle that you should not be allowed to push operating costs on to other people has been lost. This is because the water regulatory system is underfunded to the point that members of the public and their property are no longer adequately protected. In this current situation is is completely legitimate for people to resort to other, more burdensome methods to get compensation for damage to their property.

JWatson187 commented on Sunday, Apr 21, 2013 at 09:22 AM

Turkey Lady and All..
I do not want the money either.... I want to bankrupt the bums and run them out of business. Otherwise they can take their pipe out of the river and dispose of this toxic sludge the right way... not down our river.

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