Now What? A fan's wish for FBS
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With all the hoopla surrounding today's announcement I like many fans of Georgia Southern Football find myself both excited and maybe a little sad. Excited for the future of course but sad knowing we are leaving behind some great rivals like Furman and Woffard plus a playoff system that has been very good to us in the past.

FBS is better, I get it, but you know what would make it even better? A 14 team playoff. This football fan thinks that a 14 team playoff which would be inclusive of all the FBS conferences would make for a very profitable spectacular. Why 14 teams and not 16? Well as I sat pondering what a large scale playoff would look like in FBS I came to the conclusion that the major BCS schools would balk at anything resembling a fair playoff so my solution was to make it unfair for the little guys.

How would it work? First of all all 10 FBS conference champs would get automatic bids. The remaining 4 spots would be awarded at large. I propose that 4 current BCS conference champs get a 1st round bye. That would be the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 champs. The remaining field would be made up of the conference champs from the ACC, Former Big East, 4 at large bids plus two play in winners from the MAC, Sun Belt, C-USA and Mountain West.

The first round (play in) would be held at existing bowls the 2nd week of December:
Buffalo Wild Wing Bowl: Mountain West champ vs MAC champ
Music City Bowl: C-USA champ vs Sun Belt champ

The second round of the playoff would be held the 3rd week in December and those 4 games would be played at existing bowls.

Gator Bowl: ACC champ vs at large
Outback Bowl: Wild Wing winner vs at large
Capital One Bowl: Music City winner vs at large
Chick-fil-A Bowl: Former Big East champ vs at large

The third round of the playoff would be played the 4th week of December would also be at existing bowls:

Sun Bowl: Pac-12 champ vs round 2 winner
Sugar Bowl: SEC champ vs round 2 winner
Fiesta Bowl: Big Ten champ vs round 2 winner
Cotton Bowl: Big 12 champ vs round 2 winner

The semi-final games would be played the 1st week of January at existing bowls:

Rose Bowl: Sun Bowl winner vs Fiesta Bowl winner
Orange Bowl: Sugar Bowl winner vs Cotton Bowl winner

The National Championship Game to be played the 2nd week of January featuring the Rose Bowl winner vs the Orange Bowl winner.

Not a perfect plan but at least the egos of the biggest BCS conferences would still be intact and a sliver of hope would be granted the little guys.

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Gun_nut_1776 commented on Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 at 20:48 PM

Way to complicated wwwhunter. I like the idea but FBS will never go for it. How bout lettin the major conferences send a team like ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Pac 12, plus the top two teams in the top 10 not already in. Then have four teams playin for the last spot; Sun Belt vs C-USA / MWC vs Big East? 8 team playoff (11 total if you count the wildcard teams)

wwwhunter commented on Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 at 06:53 AM

I know GunNut it's complicated but a simple top 16 bracket would probably never fly.

flowmaster commented on Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 at 09:47 AM

A 14 or 16 team playoff would not work because FBS schools schedule 12 games each year add to that a Conference Championship game and then up to 4 playoff games and you got college kids playing 17 games a year. Never going to happen.

Bryant commented on Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 at 11:28 AM

I think hunter's plan is workable but only if colleges go back to a max 10 game schedule. Drop the pushovers and play 10 big time meaningful games within the conference or within FBS.

But, FBS probably wouldn't go for that because all the schools not in the playoffs would lose two paydays for the missing two games. And, the remaining second tier playoff schools wouldn't like it because many of them would miss a big payoff game or two per year.

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