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Not to get way out there but does anyone have stories about Ghost, Ghost Lights, Bigfoot, Swamp ape, or UFO's just anything out of the normal, I need all I can get to fill up a book I am thinking about writing, This is all in facts an I will never make fun of anyone nor would I revel anyone who wishes not to be known, Thanks everyone in advance. Bioman

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dirtroadlady commented on Thursday, Jan 17, 2013 at 13:43 PM

Years ago when I was a newlywed we lived in an apartment attached to my in-laws house. It was an 50s ranch style with a lot of quirky touches and hand built by my father-in-laws late daddy- "papa". I had never seen a picture of him and in typical 19 yr old fashion had never given him a thought at all. One afternoon i was in the kitchen cleaning up. Sharing a kitchen with the rest of the family it was something that needed doing constantly! The big family room was part of the large dining, kitchen tv area. I was scrubbing the sink that faced an outside window.Although I didn't see I heard someone come in from the other part of the house and sit in a big easy chair by the fireplace behind me. There was no tv on, no music and the only person home was my brother in law who was sleeping because he worked nights. I thought he was trying to scare me and so I turned around really fast ready to say "ah ha" and glimpsed for a second what I can only describe as a faded looking photo image of a short older man sitting in the chair. My b-i-law is over 6ft and 25 or so at the time. I wasn't scared just surprised. Later that day I asked my mother-in-law "where did papa like to sit?". She looked at me oddly and asked "did you see him?" When I told her what happened she confirmed that his chair had been in that same place but told me he was probably comfortable with me and just hanging out in his favorite spot.

Bioman commented on Friday, Jan 18, 2013 at 04:03 AM

That is a very cool story and I thank you for sharing it with me may want to contact you late if that is ok. Great story and I am happy to here it was a positive encounter.

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