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The recent shooting in Connecticut indicates that we need to take a long look at gun control and the responsibilities that go along with gun ownership. I feel that several changes would help to prevent another tragedy.

1. Outlaw semiautomatic weapons.Hunters were able to enjoy the sport before the advent of semiautomatic weapons. Why are semiautomatic weapons necessary now? It could also be argued that hunting the old fashioned way would heighten the experience by placing more reliance on skill than on technology.

2. Limit the size of the magazine. Three shells in a magazine should be more than enough.

3. Eliminate compact,"bullpup" designs for civilian rifles.

4. Eliminate private resale of guns. Guns could only be resold through licensed gun brokers.

5. Require a waiting period and thorough records check for any gun purchased at a gun show.

6. Eliminate cheap, inaccurate Saturday Night Specials. Gun enthusiasts have no interest in such guns anyway.

7. Close the loopholes. Antique guns such as the bolt action Mauser or Nagant may be purchased through the mail.The Mauser and its Russian counterpart have all of the features of a modern rifle.

8. Standardize state gun control laws.

9. Require firearms proficiency and training before any firearm purchase.

10. Rein in the number of concealed carry permits. Applicants should be required to prove a need. Georgia passes out such permits like candy.

11. Learn something from the Australian and Scottish experience with gun control.

12. Leave the teachers alone! Teachers should not be expected to assume law enforcement duties without the statutory protection a peace officer enjoys and certainly not without additional compensation and training.Let the teachers teach!!!!

Additional Thoughts

1. Somehow I get the feeling that NRA members advocating police in the schools also have no interest in the higher taxes needed to underwrite such an endeavor.

2. A rational debate would be nice. Do we really need to fight for the right to carry a gun in church or on a college campus?

3. Our freedoms will not be preserved by a militia armed with deer rifles and shotguns no matter how disenchanted we may be with government.

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Charles_and_Angie_Howell commented on Saturday, Dec 22, 2012 at 14:00 PM

Fly, Charlie.

I agree with your post in principle, but not specifics.

Banning all semi-autos is not feasible. Some people like a semi auto for reduced recoil - children learning to hunt and small framed deer hunters.

You might think 3 shots in a magazine is enough, but I have needed 5 before because I am not a crack shot. Most folks aren't. 5 is a fair number in larger calibers, 15 in .22.

Only gun sales through a private broker? No, unless we want to do the same with cars, knives, etc. No.

I am considering getting a concealed carry lisence. I do not need one now, probably will never NEED one, but if I ever do - I will need it THEN! If I need it THEN and do not have it, I will likely not be alive to apply later.

I have seen opinions that seem to point out that insane gunmen choose to rampage at places they know there will not be armed resistance - schools, colleges, churches. Seems to me those are just the places to carry a gun for self protection. I have seen very few gunmen shoot up police stations, military installations, gun ranges, etc.

I can only speak for myself. I really am considering a license. I am level headed and responsible. I am safety conscious. My weapon, if I choose to carry, would be used only to confront an armed shooter to protect myself, my family or others.

Some of your thoughts go too far. But they are worthy of a dialogue.

ufgtrs commented on Saturday, Dec 22, 2012 at 20:49 PM

1. no limits on rounds, semi auto matics don't kick no where as hard as my bolt actions

private brokers, no way costs would go thru the roof

I have a current cwp I think 13 years of active duty military qualifies me quite well.

and on 11 .., gun crimes went up massively the crimnals didn't get rid of there guns and like the old saying never take a baseball bat to a gun fight.

also a police officer in every school is a great idea one better give those retired military vets a job. the way our goverment is spending money whats a few more dollars

also you should be able to carry anywhere, seems these gun free zones are just invitations for the bad guys to show up, i would at least like a fighting chance

gawalkman commented on Saturday, Dec 22, 2012 at 20:54 PM


I said last week that I will not debate anyone until the last victim in Newtown CT has been buried. The last was buried today, Saturday. You posting deserves some feedback. However, I'm too sleepy now after a long day on the road. I will start my diatribe Sunday.

Until then, would you mind doing a little research into how many people have been killed this year (or last year) via semi-automatic weapon versus drunk driver, vehicle homicide, stabbing, obesity, or heart disease. I would be interested in seeing what credible evidence you can come up with to support your view.

Secondly, how do you feel about our government's involvement in "Fast and Furious", nearly 700 people have died because of our government.

Thirdly, what about all of the Chicago murders by gun (nearly 600 this year alone).

I will say this much: With all of the people dying from obesity and heart disease maybe we should ban forks, spoons, and knives.

theflyonthewall commented on Sunday, Dec 23, 2012 at 12:53 PM

Walkie, Fast and Furious despite the flogging that the story gets from Fox news is completely irrelevant to this discussion.The gun involved in the recent shooting did not come from Mexico.The lion's share of the gun used in mass shootings have been legally purchased.

The number of deaths due to drunk drivers,stabbings, obesity and heart disease is completely irrelevant to this discussion.Let save obesity and heart disease for a future discussion on health care.We do need to to do something about serious problems with drug addiction and alcoholism. We need to do something about caring for those poor souls who are mentally ill. Let's begin an honest dialog about all of these issues.

On the other hand,gun murders in Chicago and other urban areas are relevant and point to the fact that we have a big, big problem.Mass murder is becoming all too common.Instead of a band aid approach, instead of treating the symptoms, we need to treat the disease.

I am not suggesting that the killing will stop with gun control, but I am proposing that gun control must be one component of our efforts to knit a social fabric that is steadily unraveling.All of this will cost money but chalk it up to the price that we pay for civilization.

Citizens are not consumers.Consumerism is not the ultimate good. What is needed is a serious look at the problems that have led us to this pass. Until we can discover the angels of our better nature, gun control must be a part of the discussion.

Charles_and_Angie_Howell commented on Sunday, Dec 23, 2012 at 13:15 PM

Fly, Charlie.

Those other issues are NOT irrelevant. In all cases, the result is an unnecessary death. No one calls for a ban or restriction on alcohol, knives, fattening food, etc. Instead, effort are made to change PEOPLE and their behaviors.

The relevance to gun control comes in that all of the implements of death are inanimate objects - just like a gun - and yet no one screams at Washington to impose more restricts/bans etc. Yet, somehow, when there is a gun involved, the answer is NOT to change the person's behavior but to restrict access to the inanimate object.

It also happens that the Constitutional RIGHT to own and carry a gun is a tangible sign of freedom, independence and (hopefully) civilized responsibility.

I am not a rabid gun rights advocate, but I could be....

You mention Chicago - the problem is NOT the guns. The problem is gangs and the thug mentality. Treat the disease, not the tools of the trade.

Gun_nut_1776 commented on Sunday, Dec 23, 2012 at 15:05 PM

Fly this is quite a list. I love to shoot and I am a "Gun Nut" but I am a father and a human. I want my kids to be safe and I admit I cried when reading some of the heartbreaking stories out of Newtown. But the truth is the truth if one trained guard was available this tragedy would not have happened.

You speak of banning semi-autos. But you may not realize that many semi-auto's do not carry 30 plus rounds. My Mossberg 9200 shotgun for example will only shot three times before I have to reload it.

I don't know how many guns you have purchased from gun shows but I have bought several and in each case a background check was performed before I could buy the gun. I have never seen any private seller at a gun show but I guess it would be possible.

Banning "Bullpup" type weapons is just silly. Did banning flash suppressor like in the Clinton era ban do anything to stop mass killings? No and getting rid of "Bullpup" type rifles will be similar.

As far as cheap revolvers are concerned. We already have laws banning the import of such weapons so banning the sale of them will only hurt American workers and lower income individuals who wish to have a gun for self protection.

I admit I was not aware you could order an antique gun in the mail and was under the impression you needed a C&R (curio and relic) license to do that. Maybe I'm wrong.

Other things you propose violate the Constitution of the United States, specifically The tenth amendment says powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States. So standardizing state gun laws and reining in concealed carry permits would certainly be unconstitutional. And of course requiring firearms proficiency and training before a purchase would violate the Second Amendment.

In my opinion teachers and administrators who have a ccw and wish to carry at school should be allowed to do so but I would prefer 1 armed police officer at each school instead.

wwwhunter commented on Sunday, Dec 23, 2012 at 15:31 PM

Gun control is in a way an oxymoron. The truth of the matter is the Gun control is less about the gun than it is about the control. By banning certain types of guns we as a people believe we can fix a problem that is much more complex than if a gun can shoot 10 times or 30 times. I for one am against punishing 50 million gun owners for the actions of just a very few.

The real problem is the decline of the American family. Another blogger called it a moral issue and I say morals begin at home. Violent video games and movies have been brought to light as instigators of this atrocity but the real hard truth that no one really wants to talk about is that we are all co-conspirators. Talk to your children, teach them right from wrong and most of all stop glorifying violence. Add this lack of moral education to a mentally unstable person and you have a recipe for disaster.

Many like theflyonthewall are espousing the benefits of Gun Control as if the gun itself was so evil that by simply picking it up it alone caused this to happen.

Bryant commented on Monday, Dec 24, 2012 at 13:32 PM

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your family and friends remain safe and happy during the season. Don't want to talk about downer topics until later.

buckridge commented on Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 at 17:01 PM

This is written in response to the Adam Lanza murder of innocent children and adults.

We have gun laws in effect and they work. Adam Lanza was not old enough to buy the guns he had. He murdered his mother and stole her guns. He was a sociopath (a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience). The gun is not the problem. The issue is the mental state of so many people today. These deranged people are capable of killing without a gun. Forget guns and concentrate on the morality of our country.

SusanS commented on Saturday, Dec 29, 2012 at 11:47 AM

Fly, I just want to make a few comments on this. It seems that you find specific discussion on certain topics irrelevant without any fact-based information. Something is labeled irrelevant just because you say so.

I beg to differ with you on that. I would not expect you to accept my labeling of something as irrelevant without facts to back it up.

I would say, in fact, that some of those issues ARE very relevant to the discussion. Chicago is extremely relevant as Chicago is a city with strict gun laws and you aren't allowed to own a gun or have a gun in Chicago. The fact that they have had so many deaths by guns this year - even though guns are outlawed - ought to send a message that we should seriously be examining.

I also find Fast and Furious to be a very disturbing subject that does render examination. We need to be aware that guns cam come from many sources, and will continue to do so..possibly more so if we ban guns.

I'm not a gun owner, nor do I have much desire to be one. However, I would purchase one in a heartbeat if I felt our government was planning to completely ban them. I support the concerns of our founding fathers.

gawalkman commented on Saturday, Dec 29, 2012 at 18:01 PM


I tried earlier to respond, but my 4,000 character response was rejected by the web site. In my humble opinion, only closing the loopholes and requiring training before purchase are the two most viable options at this point in time. The others are only "dream land" ideas.

In the case of Newtown CT, gun control did work. How? The terrorist, and he is a terrorist, was not able to purchase a gun earlier in the week. Why? He did n't pass the background check. He had to steal the gun from his dead mother. How is gun control going to resolve the theft of guns? How will gun control prevent the sale of arms on the street? I have not heard any viable solution to that question.

I have not heard of any shootings at a private school. There may be some, but it seems public schools are a bigger news item. What are private schools doing about school safety the public schools are not doing?

Yes, the points in my earlier posting are very relevant. Since my posting, David Greggory of NBC News "Meet the Press" is under investigation for acquiring and possessing a 30-round mag in a city where they were banned.

If the thugs of our community have their hands on a semi-auto weapon, it is only fair that law-abiding citizens be allowed to purchase them for self-defense. The alternative would be an unfair gunfight.

This will not be a easy situation to resolve. Walkie could write a book on his viewpoint, but he will stick to small conversations.

Happy New Year All,

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