A Country Built On American Values
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A Country Built On American Values

John Tucker’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper was a clear view of where Liberal Democrats stand in the political arena today. He points out that diversity simply means plurality, which he says is representative of our nation. He says that conservatives fear diversity. He claims that conservatives and the Republican Party “ has chosen religion and religious groups to hide behind as they whip up malcontent, fear mongering and pure and simple hate between classes of people, races, cultures and social groups. Finally, he refers to a Harvard study on the issue of diversity in which the study finds that Americans fall into three different groups on this issue: exclusionists, assimilates, or pluralist. He labels Conservatives and Republicans as exclusionists and the Liberal Democrats as pluralists. He claims that Conservatives want to exclude all other diverse groups “Whites only apply” but Liberals accept everyone “everyone apply”.

Our Country’s history tells the true story of the differences in our political parties. The Democrat Party is the party of slavery. Slavery was put in our Constitution because the Southern States, all controlled by Democrats, demanded it, or they would not ratify the Constitution. We would not have become The United States Of America without the Southern States votes, so slavery was added to get their votes. The Republican Party was born out of the anti- slavery movement pre-civil war in 1854, and nominated Abraham Lincoln as it’s first Presidential Candidate. He ran on an anti-slavery platform. When elected, the Southern Democrat States declared war. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution ending slavery, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution granting American citizenship to all former slaves, and the 15th Amendment to the Constitution granting voting rights to all citizens were passed by Republican controlled Congress over the violent objections of the Democrats.

The 24th Amendment to our Constitution, the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1964 which put a stop to poll taxes in Democrat controlled States in the South, designed to deny Blacks the right to vote, was passed thanks to overwhelming Republican votes in Congress.
In addition, the Democrat Party of the South was the supporter of the KKK and Jim Crow Laws all designed to deny Blacks their Constitutional Rights. These were segregation laws. For those of you reading this, who are too young to know about these laws in the South, talk to a Southern Black who is in their nineties ( 90 years old). They will tell you the truth about the Democrat Party and how it discriminated for one hundred years against Blacks. It is part of our county’s historical record.

Finally, Conservatives and Republicans are the ones that have fought to preserve an individual’s Constitutional Rights, and welcome anyone wanting to come to America to be an American. Here in lies the difference between me, a Conservative Republican, and John Tucker, a Liberal Democrat. I believe in the rule of law as did our Founding Fathers. Anyone wanting to come here must first follow our laws to do so. I believe those coming here illegally have no right to stay, until they comply with our laws. I also believe that we should treat them like all others, who have come here, and who did so legally.

What has been missing is simply using the same laws that were used when my ancestors came to America through Ellis Island. Medical checks, criminal background checks, foreign agent background checks, sponsorship by an American citizen who will support their financial needs so they do not become a burden on the American taxpayer, learn English, learn our Country’s history and government system and pass a test, and take an oath of Citizenship to support and defend our Constitution. An Ellis Island type facility should be built on our border with Mexico to process these people. Congress should pass an immigration law each year authorizing how many can come here legally, as it did for European immigration. Using these same laws are what Conservatives believe in. This is the rule of law, and without it we our not a sovereign country.

I believe in the inscription written on the base of our Statue of Liberty. Go an read it. It does not mention diversity, races, cultures, or social groups. These are the Liberal terms used by Democrats to confuse us as to what we as Americans believe in. The Statue says to others yearning to be free, come here and become Americans, share in our beliefs, values, and guiding principles that founded our nation.

No, Mr. Tucker, Conservatives have never turned away anyone who believes in America. You believe there should be no pre-conditions to coming here. Conservatives do. Americans permit others to come here because they want to be like us, believing in the rule of law, our Constitution, our language, our history, our values. If we simply let anyone in, it would not be long and we would not have a country. This is what is happening in Europe. Millions of immigrants wanting to change those countries to the values of the country they come from. Mr. Tucker and the Liberal Democrats have it backwards and using nice sounding words like diversity will never make it right.

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Bryant commented on Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 at 11:53 AM

Tom, Mr. Tucker's letter was addressed to the current political situation; not the historical. The Republican party has a noble tradition in the areas which you have mentioned but that noble tradition is not in evidence today. The party has marginalized the diversity in America (a diversity which has existed since the very first days of our country) by failing to either learn and/or appreciate issues important to the various voting sectors. And let's face it, just as not all white voters have the same political preferences neither do black, Hispanic, Asian or any other ethinc American.

The Republican party (or maybe it's just the talking heads on Fox and Rush Limbaugh and fringe representatives - hard to tell the difference) has reduced Conservative values to abortion, the 47% parasites sucking at the government teat, don't tax the rich folks, and those liberal Democrats will be the death of our country! Your own statement, "diversity, races, cultures, or social groups. These are the Liberal terms used by Democrats to confuse us as to what we as Americans believe in", feeds on the illusion that someone's core beliefs may be altered by a differing presentation by a political party. I don't believe it works that way and that's why the Republicans lost - their apparent callousness and disregard for the concerns of "other" demographic voting blocs.

As to immigration, I too believe that everyone immigrating to America should embrace our ideals of freedom and equality and justice. But, except for things in comflict with American law, I certainly do not believe they should abandon their traditions, beliefs and culture, simply to become the 21st century version of the Cleavers. Those differing cultures (a term I feel you mislike) add to the diversity (oops, another one) that is part and parcel of our American heritage. I guess I'm an assimilationist pluralist.

flowmaster commented on Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 at 13:52 PM

Ironside both you and Bryant make some very good arguments for what is wrong and what is going right in America. The US is a country of immigrants and to me the greatest mistake the Republican party makes is not taking the lead on real immigration reform; God knows the Democrats have not really done anything productive with it.

On the issue of race I do have one question for you Bryant.

Why am I a raciest? I work in an office with three dozen others some of whom supported Romney and some supported Obama. In the days leading up to the election several times I overheard some of the Obama supporters talking and one of the recurring topics of their conversation was how white people who were not voting for Obama were doing so because they were raciest.

Now I am white and I was a Romney voter. Why am I a raciest? I do not support racism and I have to say overhearing these comments caused me great anxiety. But I just didn't hear them at work. I heard them from the media, from Hollywood and just on the street. Yet Obama being black had nothing to do with my vote. My vote was not against him but for Romney who I thought would be a better leader.

From this attitude which was repeated over and over again can I then assume that 90% of Black People are racist? After all the President took 90% of the Black Vote! Therefore the only reason you voted for Obama (if you are Black) was that you were a raciest!

Bryant commented on Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 at 18:51 PM

Flowmaster, I don't know why you're a racist. I'm not even sure you are. Anyone, Democrat or Republican, who paints the opposition with a broad brush - be it "you are a racist" or " you are a progressive socialist Democrat" - is a fool. And I would sorrowfully characterize your co-workers as fitting in that category.

Ironside commented on Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 at 09:44 AM

Bryant: Those who have come to our country from other lands created the American fabric. The quilt of America. They also, until the past 40 years immersed themselves into our political system which was the reason they came to America. Not to change her but to strengthen her. They became a part of the great melting pot that was American values. They wanted their children to learn about the greatness of America. To learn it's values, it's form of government. They wanted their children to be Americans. The same would be true for the current ones comming here if they were not being told by the Democrats that they are being discrimmated against, by the Republicans that insist that they come legally. I don't understand how anyone can support a Party that protects law breakers and tell the group of law breakers that it not them that is the problem, it'
a bunch of racist Americans that are the problem.

Bryant commented on Friday, Dec 21, 2012 at 13:58 PM

Ironside, who is them? What Democrat or other personage is telling immigrants "they are being discrimmated (sic) against"? And in that statement you're not differentiating between legal and illegal. So are you saying legal immigrants are being told they are being discriminated against? How is the Democratic party protecting "law breakers" - and I presume you're describing illegal immigrants?

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